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10/22/12 3:38 P

My gym is only a few blocks from work, so I have a noon Pilates class I like to go to on Tues. and Thurs. I often walk during my lunch break on other days, sometimes I run but I sweat really easily and it takes extra time to take a shower after I run, so I usually save that for after work. I have been known to lift weights or do the elliptical at the gym on my lunch break, but kind of got tired of being so sweaty and dealing with that mess before going back to work.

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
10/22/12 1:04 P

I usually walk or jog during my lunch break (if the weather is nice). On those days when it is stormy outside, I like to do the Spark People Desk Workout or something with resistance bands and maybe some jumping jacks or other easy, indoor cardio. Indoor workouts can be a little tricky if you don't have your own office or an area that you can use without disturbing others. I usually go in the supply room and close the door.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
10/22/12 12:49 P

I run.

DGYOUNG1 Posts: 120
10/22/12 12:00 P

I also walk during my lunch breaks.

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10/22/12 10:47 A

I would go for a walk on the beautiful days. :) Or even walk around the mall! Shopping is great exercise!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/22/12 8:22 A

Walking, but I want to qualify that. I have seasonal part-time jobs, so exercising during lunch breaks is different depending on whether or not it is winter or summer.

Summer: I work at the UW Laboratories in a exquisite setting on the beach. The UW owns a 300 acre parcel in the woods. During lunch I can walk anywhere I want on their property, on the beaches or trails in the woods.

Winter: I work at an airport and the public schools. On days I am at the schools I walk on the 1/4 mile track if it is not pouring rain. Also indoors I use a resistance band for strengthening.
When at work at the airport I walk on nearby trails. Also I can get on the floor for some yoga or pilates stretches and moves.

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10/22/12 8:06 A

I would love your ideas for exercising during lunch. What do you do?

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