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7/24/13 11:11 A

Good suggestions -- plus, it may not be hot enough out that you can't walk for ten minutes (at least not the whole day), and that might be all you want to do at the start anyway. But the key is to start small. Take in all the suggestions and pick whichever seems to be easiest on you mentally to get started with. It's less important to begin with, WHAT you do, as that you can get yourself to do something.

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,657
7/24/13 10:41 A

Everyone has given terrific suggestions - I wanted to add my 2 cents of encouragement! I do a few of the seated workouts on SP also. Leslie Sansone, as mentioned - has great walking DVDs. Start with the easiest and just go at your level. 10 mins is great to start with and build it up as you feel you can. Just remember you're not in a race here - just doing something is better than nothing :)

Best of luck on your journey!


7/24/13 10:16 A

You are all amazing and inspirational ! Thank you so much for your help :) emoticon

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7/6/13 3:05 P

I've always heard the best way to exercise if you are more heavy is to ride a stationary bike and do 3 minutes at a normal pace, 45 seconds as fast and hard as you can and then back to 3 minutes at a normal pace. Repeating this for a 1/2 hour is a great fat burner.

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7/6/13 1:55 P

I love Heavyweight yoga! I had about given up on yoga because my body was always in the way of the postures. I love these DVDs. I am finally able to get through a yoga routine without resenting my body or the teacher. Lots of modifications for different bodies and different abilities.

Hang in there! Keep at it and sure you'll find something that works for you. emoticon

7/6/13 2:15 A

I forgot to mention that so far I've lost at least 76 pounds. Baby steps count.

7/6/13 2:14 A

I started my journey when I was in excess of 351 pounds. I had gotten so disgusted with myself that I just tried to quit eating for almost a month before I took myself in hand. I had tried SparkPeople before and Weightwatchers, Richard Simmons, know how we roll(s)s; Rolls of fat that is. This time I went back to Sparkpeople online and Weightwatchers brick and mortar. For me it took both. I love the community of Sparkpeople, the articles the sparkpoints, the whole culture. I also love my WW group. I am accountable every week and I get personal support.
I had to sit in a chair to cook and wash dishes. If I walked from one side of a room to the other, my back hurt. I started moving with a little bit o wii. Bowling, wiifit, just dance. I do swim and am a member of a gym that has pools, but I sometimes go weeks not getting there because of life. I have found that even if I am stuck in a hotel room I can find an interesting exercise video or 3 on Sparkpeople as close as my laptop or tablet. Use the Spark. It has a lot to offer. There are also lots of DVDs for all levels. So what if it's a 30 minute video and you can only do 5 or 10 minutes. Take it in shifts. Make that one video your goal for the day or even the week. Pretty soon with consistency you will be rocking an hour or more. You will also feel great!

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7/5/13 9:19 P

Maybe check out Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds? It's all gentle walking-based exercise you can do in one spot in your front room. I don't know how bad your knees are, but you could give it a try.

EDIT: I see someone else already addressed "Sit and Be Fit" so I took it out of my post :)

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7/5/13 8:38 P

Check out Indygirl Sparkpage and go to Sparkpeople radio and listen to her interviews. I hope this helps.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,253
7/5/13 7:58 P

Here's another side to the story--if you haven't already met Beth (Indygirl) who is undergoing an amazing journey, you might want to visit her sparkpage. She started at 460 and I am not sure where she is now, but it's something like 200-220...She has my total admiration for the way she started and where she's gotten to.

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7/5/13 6:03 P

There is a program on PBS called Sit and Be Fit. I am adding a link to their website where you can purchase DVD's and other equipment. It might be worth checking out.

Good luck and remember any exercise is better than none.


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7/5/13 2:45 P

Awesome suggestions from everyone!

I just wanted to throw in my support! I think it's awesome that you have a desire to get in exercise and want to know ways around your current limitations!


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7/5/13 1:30 P

In addition to the good suggestions you've already received, here's part 1 of a series of articles you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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7/5/13 1:07 P


If it's too hot to walk outside, then go to your local mall and walk inside. Lots of people mall walk before the mall opens. Walking inside will at least give you access to a/c.

If you have problems standing for long periods because of your knees, then do seated exercises. Coach Nicole has a couple of cardio workouts that can been done while sitting in a chair. Work your upper body muscles if you can't work your lower ones.

You can also search on YOUTUBE for more chair exercises or chair workouts. Some of those workouts can be quite vigorous. So, do what you can to start. Your strength and endurance will increase with time.

Do you have a set of resistance bands ? If not, you can find them for cheap at any Target, Walmart, Sears or even TJ Maxx. Do some upper body strength exercises with the bands. working with resistance bands is another way to workout at home. Strength training should be a part of your workouts. You don't have to do a lot to start.

Do what you can even if it's only five minutes. You've got to start somewhere.

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7/5/13 12:56 P

Look under "Articles and Videos" on the Spark header... find the Lifestyles Section....There ia a limited Mobility section, that has about six Seated Workout Videos.... Its a really good place to start!! There are also some really good articles to read there.

You might also search the Spark I believe there are several Teams for people with Limited Mobilities.

Enjoy exploring your options!!

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7/5/13 12:47 P

Can you walk for 10 minutes in the early morning before sunrise? it is MUCH cooler then..

DVDs, especially seated workouts.

Mall walking.

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7/5/13 12:42 P

I'm at a brick wall right now. Swimming is not an option for me and I want to move. Stairs destroy my knees and forget about getting on the floor for any exercise. It's too hot out to walk, and there's no gym in my area. These aren't excuses, this is my reality :(

Don't ask me to touch my toes when I can't see them, or bend in a certain way when I have a huge belly in the way. It all sounds good in theory, but I'm living in a much different body that doesn't want to co-operate and just physically can't do most things.

Is there any miracle light gentle exercise I can follow for a person of "SIZE" ???

xoxoxoox Greatly Appreciate your input

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