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4/3/14 3:56 P

Thank you for taking the time to explain that. It does help to understand it. And yes I would rather keep to the tracker I am using now. Thanks again.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
4/3/14 9:10 A

this is the idea of the tracker that you are on. you burn let's say 1700 cals a day just being alive and brushing your teeth and such. so you want to lose a pound a week. a pound a week deficit is 500 cals a day. so you'd need to eat 500 cals less to do that, which would be 1200 cals. but none of that takes into account exercise. so you burned an additional 100 cals from that, bringing your burn total for the day to 1800. in order to keep your deficit for that 1lb loss per week, you'd need to eat 500 cals less than 1800, which is 1300. you don't have to eat everything back, but the more you exercise and the closer to your goal you are the more you do need to eat back to fuel what you're doing.
the other tracker just takes your total exercise goal for the week, divides by 7 and adds it to your bmr and daily activities then subtracts out your deficit. in other words, if you switch the way you track your allowed calories are going to be higher than in the plan you're using now.

LINDA_COTY2000 SparkPoints: (4,427)
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4/3/14 8:58 A

Hi thank you for your interest. I took a look at the data for yesterday.
I feel rather ashamed at the low amounts here after reading all the exercising others do. But I am pretty much restricted to chair exercising. Though I did receive my resistance bands & had used those for the first time yesterday. Now I am trying to push myself develop a routine I will stick with.

So here are numbers:
Allowed calories - 1360
Calories burned - 107
Adjusted allowance - 1467

I already did the math, calories burned & those that are additional are the same 107. So it sounds like I have 2 options.Do the math myself and stay within my original allowance or select the option where it doesn't change, correct? Can you tell me where I would look for this button to change the option?

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4/3/14 8:30 A

Hi. I don't track myself but have seen others talking about this. SP has two options for calorie allowance, and one of them adjusts daily according to how much exercise you put on for that day. That is what you are using. The other gives a daily range based on your assumed average exercise and will not change every day like that. You can switch between them if you prefer.

As for the other question it's not straightforward. You are aiming for an overall calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day on average. Typically only a fraction, less than half, of that will come from exercise, so even if you ate extra for every exercise calorie you burn you would lose weight. But it can be confusing to think of it like that. Overall all it really means is for example if your base metabolism, daily activity and exercise on a given day add up to 2500 calories, then you can obtain a 1000 calorie deficit by eating 1500 that day. If on the next day you exercise less and your total is only 2200, then you would have to keep it at 1200 that day for the same rate of loss.

Personally I find it way too nitpicky to think of that way (for one thing I am hung tier the day after intense exercise than the day of) but it may work for some.

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4/3/14 8:23 A

Having the daily calories auto-adjust for exercise is an option for the nutrition tracker. It can be turned off if you don't like it. I think the tracker adds back about half the calories you logged as exercise on a given day.

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4/3/14 12:14 A

My calories don't increase after I log my exercise...

As far as whether or not that's good for losing weight, it all depends on the plan you put in. You need a minimum amount of calories to avoid your body going into starvation mode and reducing your BMR and making exercise difficult/inefficient. The more you exercise the higher that minimum will be. That said it shouldn't ever increase by something close to the amount you are burning in exercise.

can you give an example of the exercise you're inputing and the calorie change?

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4/2/14 9:03 P

Hi there, just a quick question. I notice when I have exercised my total allowed calories goes up for that day. Being they are allowing me more food, how is it still good for losing weight? or isn't it emoticon



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