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1/11/12 8:42 P

Thank you everyone for your input. It's good to read them with an open mind but yes, when i see my Dr in a few days, i'll ask for her advice.

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1/11/12 2:27 P

Please note that regardless of what the books say and what others have experienced only your healthcare provider can provide you with rhe information of when it is best for you to rerun to exercise.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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1/11/12 1:07 P

In the book Exercising Through Your Pregnancy, Dr. Clapp says that women who have been active throughout pregnancy spontaneously restart exercise 10-14 days after a delivery.

GENERALLY speaking, 6 weeks is when you can restart, but ask your care provider, they may clear you earlier. My midwife pretty much gave me clearance to exercise right after birth, and I was back in size 0 2 weeks PP. I am not a model or a movie star...just fit.

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1/11/12 11:54 A

"In general, how long after a cesarian and what kind of exercises can i start off with to start on a wieght lost programme without any fear of harm?"

Everyone heals differently...
what did your doctor tell you?

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1/11/12 11:27 A

I can not stress enough that you need to speak with your dr to get the green light for exercise. Every person recovers differently and you could set back your recovery if you do not let yourself heal properly.

With that said I had a cesarean section as well with my son. I really couldn't do any Core strength training at all until about 6 months. I still occassionally had some pain after that when I did do core workouts.

I would definitely say WHEN YOUR DR HAS CLEARED YOU... to start walking, and walking while pushing a baby stroller is great exercise. There are also lots of mommy & me exercise classes around that you can find. There are also tons of post pregnancy DVD's out there.

The most important thing besides getting the ok from your dr is to listen to your body. If you are feeling overtired or pain then STOP. Remember you still have a little baby to take care of which requires lots of energy!

Good Luck!

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1/11/12 9:13 A

Congratulations on the new baby! Don't be in such a big hurry to get back to your pre-baby size - enjoy this time with your new one. Only movie stars and models worry about being a size 0 the next week!

I had 2 'regular' births & wasn't allowed to even vacuum for 6 weeks. Oh, darn....

Definitely check with your doctor & once you get the ok, be careful not to overdo it. One tip, if you are nursing, put pads in your bra. I always leaked milk. You may want to wear a tighter bra, just to keep the girls from knocking your eyes out!!

Another thing, pushing a stroller is also exercise, so before you think "it's just walking" check with your doctor.

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1/11/12 1:15 A

congrats on the new baby!

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1/10/12 8:49 P


These are questions that you need to ask your OB/GYN. SparkPeople's members and experts are not in a position as to advise those recovering from surgery as to when they can return to her fitness routine and what exercises you can do. CONGRATS on the new baby!

Coach Nancy

1/10/12 8:47 P

In general, how long after a cesarian and what kind of exercises can i start off with to start on a wieght lost programme without any fear of harm?

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