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4/27/13 8:53 A

You really should discuss exercise with your doctor. As much as we'd love to here on SP, we really can't safely recommend any exercises when you're injured. Good luck on your healing.

Also, if you can't exercise as you'd like, remember that healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In other words, you can't out exercise a crappy diet. If you are unable to eercise as you'd like now, focus on your food.

4/27/13 8:33 A

Do you have any weights? I broke my foot at work 6 years ago (the no exercise was bugging me too!) and although I couldn't walk, I decided to at least work on my arms and my core. I don't know of any physical activity that can be done (others might have a suggestion, but I can't think of anything). The only thing I can recommend is weights.

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4/27/13 8:23 A

Does anyone have some tips how to do some exercises when you have a foot injury? I am bummed about not being able to walk or do any house cleaning (Which was one of my best forms of exercise lol) Now I have that plantar fasciitis and am now in a boot and brace.

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