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2/9/12 5:17 P

you would just track it as circuit training and keep track of how long it takes to do them.

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/26/12 2:34 P

Thanks Jen -- wow you look great -- congratulations on your success!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/26/12 2:29 P

I'd only count them (as cardio) if you're incorporating them into a whole workout. I suppose you could call them boot camp style workouts or something. Otherwise, put them in the Quick Track. No, it won't show the calories, but you'll get credit for the time. Just look at them as bonus calories!

0FITNTRIM7 Posts: 38
1/24/12 7:30 P

I have two favorite exercises I like to do, but no idea how to incorporate them into the Fitness section since they do not show up under any seraches. One is the squat thrust "burpies", and the other is called the spider man or mountain climber (push up plank position, then alternate bringing one leg and knee forward, then switch legs. It is similar to motion you would use with only your legs to scale a wall, mountain, etc. I have no idea how many calories it burns and would like to get calorie "credits" for doing them. I like to do them upon arising and during breaks at work. Gets the heart pumping and wakes me up

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