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8/15/13 6:47 A

When sitting long do try to move/shake your legs. Move your toes and foot finges. This will help in blood circulation. Also try pull in your tummy for a while and then release repeat it as much as possilbe. When free move your neck and roll your shoulders.

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8/14/13 9:28 P

BBC did a sgement on just this topic.
1) during phone calls, walk around your cube, or better, if you have them on cell and don't need to look things up, walk around the office.
2) Have West Wing meetings. 'walk and talks". especially if other people are looking to get in shape. Apparently, or so they suggested at BBC, your brain fires better when you are not in one routine, anyhow.
3) if you eat out, walk to the resturant. If you eat in, walk to a park or something to be outside. (well, if there's no dreaded london rain).

good luck!

8/14/13 4:16 P

I use this one:

It's short and all you need is a resistance band. I keep mine in my desk and when I have a few minutes I start this up on my laptop and workout at my desk. If someone comes in, I just drop the band and I'm all business.

AKDENIZ89 Posts: 89
8/14/13 2:03 A

Just a few additions:

- You can do 10 squats every time you go to the bathroom
- If you have a lunch break, walk for 10 minutes after eating
- Seated calf raises can be easily done under the desk
- Go to the farthest restroom to sneak in some extra steps

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8/14/13 1:49 A

I didn't look at the link so not sure what it said, but here are some ideas...

- Stand as often as you can; even ask your boss if they are happy to provide a standing station rather than just a seat and desk.

- Offer to run errands as often as possible: be the person who always does the coffee run, for example

- Hold meetings in locations as far away from your work station as possible - this helps you walk more steps and maybe even get fresh air

- Rather than emailing colleagues; get up and go and TALK to them, in person! They will be shocked at first, but then they'll love you make the effort and you get to build in extra steps to make the effort for personal contact

- Quit instant messaging and use face to face time instead (see above point)

- Sit on your desk and swing your legs, even holding straight for several seconds to tense your quads and hammies when talking on the phone

- Use stress balls while talking to a customer on the phone to tense and release your forearms, hands, and upper back

- Use a headset while talking on the phone so your arms are free to stretch your arms above your head; add weights for a quick shoulder workout

I could go on...I talk to people about this sort of stuff every's really easy to invent ideas if you point your mind to it!!!

Good luck!

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8/14/13 1:12 A

Like many people these days, I work a very sedentary job behind a desk. As part of my weight loss plan, I'm trying to find creative, small ways to work in exercise even though I'm stuck in my office waiting for a call/ email/ meeting. I found this collection online and a few of them have proven to be handy. Does anyone else have in-office workout favorites to share? Any bit of toning or calorie burning helps!

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