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4/20/12 9:22 P

Assuming that your doctor is NOT blowing you off, but just doesn't see anything that would explain your pain, start looking into what is going on that maybe causing it. One of the first places to look is the bed. You may very well just have a bed and/or pillow that is causing some of your lingering pain. That is quite common. Then take notice of how you sit and/or carry yourself throughout the day. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes if you are on your feet all day. Look for simple and fixable reasons that may be causing these issues. You want to rule out environmental reasons before you talk yourself or your doctor into drugs or surgery.

While I will agree most the time that when feels a pain, they should check with their doctor, I also know that from years of experience, they don't always have the best fix or opinion and are too quick to prescribe meds to just get you out of their office. So unless this is something you really think needs a doctor's opinion, try some less invasive things to see if they can help or cure your problem. Keep the faith.

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4/20/12 6:19 P

Hi Cherry

I'd agree with the previous poster that you might want to get a second opinion from another doctor. You shouldn't have "zooming pain"- that's typically a sign that there's a problem that should be addressed.

Coach Jen

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If your doctor blows off *pain* as no concern... then find another doctor. As a medical professional, your doctor should have the responsibility of investigating your complaints, not dismissing them as invalid. Explain that you are looking for the cause, and want to exercise to improve it. The odds are it's not a major medical issue... it might even be caused by a bad mattress or poor core strength! But your concerns are valid, and if your doctor isn't meeting your needs, find a new one.

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4/20/12 4:18 P

So if you're talking aches...and nothing your doctor is worried about (though I totally agree that it's worth getting your doctor to look into) here's a few things to consider:

1. Building a strong core will support back health. My PT when I had back trouble had me do ab work as well. Weak abs put extra stress on your back. (Use the spark workout generator for suggestions on core work)

2. Use the workout generator to identify upperbody exercises. Upper back will include the rear deltoid, so things like reverse flys, rows, etc will help.

3. Again, keep it balanced! Work front and back because a weak front puts stress on the back.

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4/20/12 4:11 P

Well, it's nothing new. It's been at least ten years since my back started aching regularly. I've tried mentioning it before to my doctor and was just kind of blown off. =/

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4/20/12 4:09 P


Dragon is quite correct. Before you do any type of back exercises, you must check with your doctor first to find out what is causing your back pain. While the Spark Community is extremely knowledgeable, because we don't know anything about you or the cause of your back pain, anything we tell you could make your pain much worse.

So, take anything anyone here tells you with a grain of salt. No two injuries or aches are the same. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Thus the importance of getting a professional opinion first. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy. Once again, the solution to your problem depends on what is causing your back ache.

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4/20/12 4:00 P

Before doing ANY exercises, you need to see your doctor first to rule out any medical issues. Back pain may be a sign for an underlying health issue, and no one here can really advise you on ways to treat it. You don't want to do anything that may worsen the issue. Get clearance, and ask for specific advice on how to treat the pain. If he approves exercises for strengthening it, the Mayo Clinic has some suggestions:

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4/20/12 3:51 P

My mid to upper back pretty much always aches, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good exercises for it. It seems like nearly everything that talks about back pain zooms in on the lower back, which is only extremely rarely an issue for me. I wonder if there are exercises I could do to help myself, but I'm not sure what would be best.

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