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4/5/14 7:39 A

Thanks for the good advise!!!

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4/4/14 11:26 P

I'm with Coach Jen on the Limited Mobility Videos! They might be a great place to start if you haven't been exercising in awhile. The range of movement is very nice I've found...and sitting is nice...if you've been standing all day!! (Or, like me, are recovering from foot surgery! LOL)

They are 9-12 minutes each (Arms; Core; Cardio), and there's a 20 min Resistance Band one too. Just put "Seated Videos" in the Search box up above! Add in some short outside walks and you'll feel like a different person!

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4/4/14 6:39 P

Thanks for all the suggestions. Need to get motivated and I think stretches and exercises to strengthen lower body. I like the suggestion of working out before work.

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4/4/14 5:42 P

I second the yoga. There are yoga classes for everyone, from kids to seniors. My best friend teaches yoga at a senior center twice a week. The emphasis on breathing is so important, particularly as you get older, because so many people end up with pneumonia and other respiratory problems.

My mom started taking T'ai chi when she was in her 60's, and 10 years later she still loves it. It is great for increasing balance and agility, and she says that it makes her feel calm and centered.

MISS_BEE Posts: 121
4/4/14 5:28 P

How about gentle yoga? There are classes aimed at the over 55 set and releasing muscle tension through stretching can help with that 'hurt all over' feeling.

I agree with everyone else that you should get clearance from you doctor before starting any new type of exercise.

Let us know how it goes!

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4/4/14 5:32 A

Thanks for all your suggestions. Water is out but other suggestions are in. I just got some orthotics for my shoes. I am just breaking them in. Hope these will help. Again, thanks for your suggestions

FTSOLK Posts: 1,403
4/4/14 1:00 A

While I'm about 50 years your junior, I can definitely sympathize with the pain from standing all day. One of my best pieces of advice would be to make sure you get good shoes for work. I've had success with good walking shoes, but I've also heard that orthotics/insoles can be helpful. I've also been suggested things like nurses' shoes for work. Those could make a world of difference.

Then, as far as workouts, my first instinct is to suggest pool-based workouts since they are easy on the joints. I've taken water aerobics courses in the past, and I enjoyed them (even though I was, by far, the youngest in the pool at the age of 18-19). However, I'm not sure about your circumstances. Currently, pool workouts aren't realistic for me for several reasons.

My second suggestion would be to look at Leslie Sansone DVDs. She does have some newer ones that are higher impact/intensity, but her older videos (the Walk Away the Pounds and Walk at Home) series are gentler, and she always encourages you to take it easy if you need to go lower-impact, or slower (just as long as you keep moving). A one mile walk is less than 30 minutes including warm-up, cool down, and stretch depending on the specific workout. Some are only 15-20 minutes total. Even doing a single mile walk would be a great start.

I'd also suggest working out before work if possible. I find it's easier for me to do it then because I'm tired after work, and don't want to do another walk.

Also, do you have any activity monitors? I'd look at getting a Fitbit (even a Fitbit Zip) or a Spark Activity tracker. I know I get around 4,000-7,000+ steps at work a day working 4-6 hour shifts. You might be more active than you think- even without doing any "workouts." Maybe all you really need to start off with lifting some light (2 pound) dumbbells 2-3 days a week to work the upper body while sitting to give the lower body a bit of a break.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,262
4/3/14 8:04 P

Yes to getting your doctor's clearance. Then, get started. Do you have any gyms in your area that offer SilverSneakers or Silver and Fit classes? Those are classes that are geared towards retired age people. I know my gym has SilverSneaker classes and you don't have to be a Silver Sneaker member to participate; you just have to pay the reasonable drop in class fee. The people always look like they are having fun and working! I certainly hope to be that active when I am a little older and wiser.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
4/3/14 7:41 P

I agree that you'll want to get the "ok" from your doctor before starting an exercise program. Once you have that, swimming would be one good option that's easy on your joints. Walking, the elliptical or biking are other low-impact workouts. Here's a link to SparkPeople's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center, where all of the exercises can be done from a seated position:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/3/14 7:29 P

First, head to your doctor, and get cleared for exercising. He or she can tell you what limitations (if any) you may have.

once you've done that, and gotten cleared, walking is the easiest, cheapest, and simplest form of exercise, and is just as effective as any other if you're consistent! All you need is a decent pair of shoes, and you're golden!

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4/3/14 6:57 P

I will be 70 years old in about a week and need to start exercising. I work 8 hrs a day and stand on a concrete floor all day. When my day is done I hurt all over from standing. Any suggestions how to get started exercising and what kind to do.

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