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1/31/11 3:08 P

weight loss is a struggle but I am worth it.

1/31/11 7:25 A

Thanks for posting your update! It gives me hope for mine!

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1/31/11 7:01 A

I have lost 15 pounds since my last post here back in September (a total of 20lbs since the end of Aug 2010) and my calves have gone from 18" circumference to about 17.3" circumference while my knees have also shrunken from 20.5" to almost 19" now. Since I have another 20lbs to loose, I'm optimistic that my calves will shrink another inch since I realized that they have some fat over the muscle itself! My goal is to have 16" calves max by the time I reach my weight goal!! That I could live with.

A mix of the treadmill and elliptical cardio has worked for me.Plus I've cut out alot of fat in my diet.

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9/17/10 11:02 P

The skin is very sensitive to being stretched. It is one place excess skin can settle..

plastic surgery is the only way to remove skin that has lost it's ability to return to where it comes from.. I have seen people efter a few years with plastic surgery- on arms and legs.. To much movement to keep it looking nice, so I live with it..

Make the muscles under the skin look good- skin sits better on trained muscles.. Dedication and never giving up will improve the situation but sadly not having a weight problem and avoid jo jo dieting are the only preventions we can use to avoid it in the first place..

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9/17/10 2:21 P

I had big knee bones when I was a child. I always wondered why? Now they were made to carry a load. But I am reducing my load now. emoticon Soon to be less knees. emoticon

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9/17/10 1:48 P

My knee fat is grotesque. . but it is shrinking. All I'm doing is walking, and low impact step aerobics. It will shrink more. . just takes time. I can't do heavy exercises. . YET.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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9/17/10 11:42 A

I wish I could show you a photo of my legs before I started losing weight! But there are no photos available (maybe check out my photos album). I have the whole inner knee fat thing, looking like I'm knock-kneed (maybe I am, slightly). My legs (even my thighs) have improved VASTLY because of tons of cardio, and strength training. It's true that you cannot spot reduce. But if you are 1) following a healthful diet, 2) doing lots of cardio, and 3) doing some strength training, including squats, lunges, and leg raises, you should definitely get some results. I don't know if the type of cardio matters, but step aerobics, walking, running, and kickboxing have been great for my legs. Running has toned up my legs the most. I am no longer ashamed to wear shorts in public. I even have a little space between my thighs.

Don't give up-- you can do it!

Side-note: Doing squats with a wide stance (feet shoulder-width apart or more) helps tone the inner thighs.

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9/12/10 8:40 P

My knees are heavy than I like but they did not get that way over took work now it may even take longer to reduce them. I'll get their day by day.

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9/12/10 4:25 P

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and its so interesting the things we can learn from others experience.

I'm also bottom heavy...thick thighs, fat knees (approx 20.5"), big calves (approx 18") to be exact and I've never been able to be a fashionista like all my other slim friends as Ive never worn a pair of knee high boots or short skits, short dresses, short capri's etc. Thats why I dont like going out.

Right now I'm 190 (my heaviest range)and I just lost 6 pounds but even in my lightest days at 145-150 (6 years ago) my knees and calves have always seemed to stay the same size and if they were a bit smaller then they were still too big for my body and I'm almost 5'7 inches. I hate them and its made me hate dressing up as I cant wear all the things I would have loved to wear (even when I was much slimmer) because I cant show my legs. I started going to the gym again 4 times a week and I'm doing only cardio for now until I drop another 8-10lbs as I feel a bit heavy right now especially around the leg area and would love to loose fat all over first before doing any target toning. I'm paranoid about weight lifting as I dont want to add any more muscle size to my already fat legs.

Anyway, I guess some people are just meant to be natural slimmed-legged stunners and I'm not one of them. I'll just keep working out and if this doesnt get smalled by the time I loose 25 more pounds I will have to consider lipo. Thats how distressed I am about my legs. Its messed up my personal life as I'm very self conscious and I hate going to the pool or the beach as I have to always find excuses to my friends as to why I cant wear a bathing suit(things that all my slim friends do naturally). I always go in 3/4 capri's and lie that its that time of the month. How sad. I just wish I knew what exercises can increase the chances of reducing fat around my calf-knee-thighs area :-(

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6/2/10 11:47 P

Rena, thank you for posting links to your before and current photos. You are an inspiration, and give me hope! I will continue to push myself with cardio and lower body workouts, as I know I will always have strong big legs, gotta burn the fat off the top of those big muscles

Alas, I guess my pipe dream of a magic exercise is just that---determination is my pill!

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6/2/10 10:38 P

I always said hugh knees were made for carrying around weight..but I would love them smaller. emoticon

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/2/10 10:32 P

Can't spot train, just burn the fat off..
I suffer this syndrom

however genetic for strong large legs are sometimes hard to beat.. and my legs get a beating even if it not hard on them I go heavy but they just get stronger..
I can leg press 3 times my body weight but no point making my legs bigger than they are. It helps the excess skin around my knees but then I have to work harder to keep my upper body and lower body equal...
I am lifting 30 lb dumbbells to improve my chest and 88 lbs front pulled downs to improve my back.. My legs are crazy strong having hauled 306lbs around for years.. I have a spinal injury I am trying to protect so I don't work my main muscle groups more than once a week.. This has reduced long term muscle aching..

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6/2/10 10:32 P

OMG I do not wear anything over the knee. Those bad boys are covered.

6/2/10 6:44 P

I did a search for this topic, and came across this thread....not sure if anyone is still active about it. I HATE my knee fat, it's like ham hocks. I am happy that my calves have slimmed down; but still have this awful fat and cellulite on my upper thigh and knees.

MAWKIDS Posts: 77
8/21/09 2:53 P

I agree. Thighs, knees - just tired of looking at that fat. Even when I was young & skinny - I got those upper legs like my dad's side of the family. Mom's side - skinny legs, even to this day. Not fair!

CHEWIEKIKI Posts: 3,170
8/21/09 1:17 P

There's not much you can do about it. Fat is fat and it'll come off as you continue to lose weight. But many, many people hate their knees and the reality is they look fine and no one else would even notice. (Plus, we mostly look down on them, and the angle doesn't help.)

The only way you're going to spot reduce this area is lipo. But you can do a lot to make your legs look better in general just through your choice of skirt lengths, cuts, etc. I know that for me, a skirt that is too short seems to make my knees look not so great. But one that is cut just to the knee or right above it can make men stop me on to give me a compliment! Haha!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
8/21/09 11:17 A

Sorry to probably make you upset, but if your legs have been very overweight this pouch can be excess skin not fat..

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
8/21/09 10:30 A

LOL - that sucks....I do all those things - not working in that area yet..

Thanks though..

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
8/21/09 7:46 A

The answer is the same as leaning out every where else. Proper nutrition, strength, challenging cardio. The "fat around the knees" syndrome is similar to the "lower-belly fat." It's just plain ordinary excess fat, in women that aren't super-young, gravity makes it drop to the lowest possible spot.

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
8/20/09 11:03 P

OMG, I am not alone in this!!
I was looking for the same answer...
I am noticing my thighs toning up on the upper thigh (although they are still thick) and my calves are getting harder, BUT my knees have this huge fat around them...the inner leg around the knee cap...geezz...I hate it so it's all droopy...

I was hoping to find some answers that will help tone that part of the leg up some..

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1/28/09 1:43 P

AMEN! I can see my calves slimming down a little bit, but I've always had "heavy knees". Surely that makes sense to someone out there. I'm really hoping that the weight loss will cover that too, but, yeah, any suggestions are welcomed!

1/27/09 11:20 P

My weight loss has been consistent since I started, but I am still having a problem with all the loose skin on my thighs and that fat pocket at the inside of my knees no matter what I try. Geez, it makes me look knock-kneed. Can anyone suggest something that I could try to help tighten the loose skin and take care of the fat pockets on the inside of my knees?

SGREGORY Posts: 606
7/9/08 10:00 P

I have the same problem. I just changed my cardio workout from walking to running. I think that that may help.

COLBY_B Posts: 196
7/9/08 9:53 P


ROSEMARYHY Posts: 1,396
7/9/08 9:03 P

I think the muscle over the knee I am talking about is the sartious. It is a fat pocket over the muscle. The muscle runs along the inner side of the top of the knee. Hope that makes sense.

ROSEMARYHY Posts: 1,396
7/9/08 7:15 P

Ok, I do lunges, squats, genie sit, and reverse plank. My legs in general haven thinned down a lot and I am pretty happy with it. I have a fat pouch on the top part of my knee and it drives me nuts. It is on both knees. Is there any exercise that helps tighten that muscle. I know I can't pick where I lose weight but thought I might be able to target that area to strengthen.

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