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ABURCIAGA1 Posts: 17
1/20/12 12:44 A

My children are 1, 2, and 16. Optimally my 16 y.o. and I work out in the morning, before getting ready for work/school and while the rest of the house is sleeping. Sometimes I have to workout after the babies are in bed. If I must exercise when the little ones are up, I do a dvd, usually with plenty interruptions to get milk, take my son potty, break up an argument, etc. My 30 minute dvd may end up taking 45 minutes, but I just have to keep at it and finish. Both of my little ones will exercise along side me for a minute or too; very cute to watch!

I also run around the house carrying my daughter like she's flying like superman and chase my son. It gets my heart rate up and they have a blast! Everytime I stop for a break they ask for more.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/19/12 4:29 P

Like Zorbs, I am a working mom who works out before work. I don't get up quite as early,though. I get up between 4:45 and 5-ish. (I will admit to having my lazy butt in bed by 9 most nights, though.) I get in 30-40 minutes, typically, then grab a shower and roust my kids for the day. Some days the 3 year old wakes up in the middle of it, but TV and a snack or letting her run around around me usually works to keep her entertain. She espiecally loves if I let her play with my resitance band while I'm not using it.

My 10 year old and I like to play the dance game on our PS3. The 3 year old trys to mimic the dance moves,a nd sometimes we let her have a turn with the controller (we only have one) as well. It's broken up workouts, but a workout of sorts nonetheless.

Dance Party is also a huge hit at our house. Put on music and jump around like a lunatic. Both girls love doing this with me. The little one also likes it when her dad or I use her as our "weight".

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1/17/12 10:25 P

@ALTRAOICHE I work 2 jobs, evenings, get home at 9:30 most nights and get to bed between 11-midnight to wake up at 4am.

Please don't assume that I am not a working mom.

1/17/12 1:15 P

Wow. I can't get up at 4 am, I'm a working mom who doesn't get everything done until 11 pm and I need my sleep!

I take my 2 y.o. to the park and we run, chase each other, climb and do pullups. I push him on the baby swing and in between each push, I do a lunge, squat, etc. until I do my sets. I don't care if people are watching, if I saw someone doing what I am doing I would think they were cool. :)

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/14/12 6:27 P

M'kay. I joined when my son was a baby and my daughter was about 3 and a half. I lost a LOT of weight...aaaand gained it back because I didn't stick with the program. BUT from what I remember, work-out dvd's that were kind of like dancing were fun, because Lakeiah would do her very best-which was pretty hilarious. Kegan would be in his rocking-chair and watch. If you get them involved, it may be a lot easier to do it. Laugh if you want, but I LOVED Richard Simmons. I still do. When I lose maybe about 30 pounds, I am going to start doing that again.

Plus by exercising with the babies, you show them that exercising on purpose is a good thing and something they should want to do as well. YEEEOOOU CAN DOOOOO EEEET!

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1/14/12 5:52 P

I get up between 4-5 am every morning and exercise before everyone else wakes up.

1/14/12 10:46 A

I nanny for kids that age and my favorite solution is to take them to the playground and do what they do a couple days a week. Race, climb, swing, use the monkey bars for modified pull-ups, whatever. I love tag. Sometimes we play "ballerina" or "gymnastics" or "circus" (I have crawled through a hula hoop pretending to be a dog in the name of exercise) and take turns being the "exercise teacher" but it is time limited by their attention spans. Some kids (not my current ones) like to do videos with their parents/caregivers, and you can even do the videos made for children and just modify them for yourself. I'm sure the moms out there have tons of great ideas for getting in a fuller or more structured workout in - I'm looking forward to seeing them too!

1/13/12 7:20 P

I'm curious, how do you moms do it??
I have a son who's 4 and a daughter who's 3, they're 10.5 months apart and definitely act like twins. They love to get into trouble together, but without the other, are perfect angels. :/
While exercising, they're right there trying to be on my lap, trying to take over my exercise ball, asking to be held, etc etc. They're very light sleepers, so I'm not sure it would work while they're sleeping.
How did you get around this or teach them to do it with you, instead of do it for you?

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