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2/19/12 5:12 P

The relative importance of the exercise depends also on the body type. For example, my body can reduce its metabolism drastically when the calories are restricted (e.g. near 1500 kCals daily, I am a man), and after an initial weight loss, I stop losing any weight at all. I feel exhausted, unwilling to do anything, not even get up and walk around. On the other hand, when I eat near 2000 kCals, and exercise, I lose fat, feel better, have more energy, and actually I can workout pretty well. If I eat near 2400kCals daily, I can exercise for several hours actually, and still lose fat.

Consequently, for me the exercise is indispensable. First, tracking the food eaten, and next, exercise. I need both of them or I don't lose fat.

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ALIRY2012 Posts: 30
2/18/12 2:50 P

Thanks everyone! Its just got me thinking because the first thing we all do when we say we need to lose weight is join the gym or workout at home and I thought hmmmm does it work?

But for me I think for health reasons I do still want to exercise.

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2/16/12 7:37 P

A pound of fat represents around 3500 calories. And burning that much through exercise alone is a LOT of work.

If you look in the fine print of those sorts of claims, you will likely see a comment along the lines of:
* when accompanied by a healthy eating plan

Basically, it is the diet side of things that is the major contributor to these reported weight loss figures.

What I have seen suggested is that nutrition is what will cause you to lose weight, but exercise is key to keeping it off for the long term.


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2/16/12 7:00 P

I would split them. Both pay off well, but with exercise you not only burn calories but increase muscle mass, which burns even more calories, so you can then eat more calories. Of course, the hardest for me is eating healthy calories.

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2/16/12 6:36 P

For me the 2 are almost equal just because when I workout I'm better able to stay on track. On days when I don't work out my diet goes a little south. Diet is really important though. There have been time where I worked out and didn't lose weight because I didn't change anything and now I work out and eat right so the weight comes off.

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2/16/12 5:08 P

Exercise keeps you strong and fit.

You may almost kill yourself at the gym, but if you are not creating a caloric deficit, very small changes will be achieved in body composition. Personally proved, no doubt in my mind.

Nutrition is definitely the key to fat loss. Exercise just makes your weight loss healthier by preserving your muscle and skeletal mass and improving your cardiovascular endurance.

Remember you can be thin and unfit at the same time.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/16/12 5:06 P

I believe that it is 80% nutrition 10% exersice and 10% genetics. I do know that working out has sure helped me loose the unwanted weights. Also eating a clean diet has helped too. You can't out train a bad diet.

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2/16/12 4:42 P

Agreed. People mention they lost something with this DVD or that... it jsut happens to be what they do. Perhaps it gave them just enough calorie burn for the deficit they needed!

I have been guilty of this... The first time I lost my weight (yeah you read that right), I credited Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred to lose the last 5 pounds that just WOULD NOT come off. But it wasn't specifically her... it was that I began ST... I changed my routine.

Any workout routine will assist in weight loss as long as you are getting the CALORIE DEFICIT you need to lose weight!

But on the bright side... The more you work out... the more you can eat :)

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2/16/12 4:35 P

I think if your eating remained the same (i.e. what you are currently eating and maintaining the same weight), and you then started exercising, you will definitely lose weight. However, that effect will lessen.

Unfortunately, I think the old equation of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise (if not 90-10) is right :-(.


2/16/12 4:24 P

I agree with Jen. While exercise has been crucial for increasing my fitness and muscle mass if my diet isn't right I don't lose any weight.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
2/16/12 4:02 P

If you notice, most of the infomercials and things mention that there's the videos, but it also comes with a meal plan. The reults are only "guaranteed" if you follow the meal plan, too, which is typically pretty much what SP teaches, calorie deficiency.

I think exercise aids in weight loss. ST helps to build muscle which boosts your metabolism. Cardio helps to burn calories and is great for your heart health and general well being.

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2/16/12 3:54 P

Reading all these wonderful success stories got me thinking about this question. I know nutrition is #1 for weight loss. It makes sense. But alot of people say they "lost 20lbs using so-so dvd" or I lost 5 inches using that dvd.

Do you think exercise plays a big role in your weight loss? Is it just for heart health? Diet alone? Or combination of everything?

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