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VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,214
7/7/10 7:12 A

Taking a walk on the beach or the park.
Riding my bike.
Swimming in the ocean or the pool
Inline skating.

IZADORA Posts: 478
7/7/10 4:55 A

1. Walking on the beach with someone you love
2. Dancing like crazy to your favourite upbeat songs
3. Rollerblading with a good friend
4. Sightseeing, on foot, on a day trip to the city or a natural park.

1849HOPPY Posts: 671
7/6/10 11:07 P

When I watch a great movie, it seems like I can stay on my exercise bike much longer than I can when I watch TV. Water, no popcorn emoticon

7/6/10 10:51 P

i like anything that is fun too. I do tae bo so i pretend i am kicking my husbands butt. lol I rather him in there with me watching me and talking to me pushing me than by myself cause i get tired and bored. I like hip hop abs too.

7/6/10 9:51 P

water aerobics, wii games, bowling, putt putt (not much exercise unless you do jumping jacks or something while others putt)

KEPETT Posts: 302
7/6/10 9:51 P

Walking the mall and lil shopping...??? Car wash is still my favorite, an a dip in the pool to rap up the day!!!

NOSKINNY SparkPoints: (6,639)
Fitness Minutes: (4,838)
Posts: 393
7/6/10 7:18 P

Some favorite upbeat music with: tapping my feet and just moving to the music (moving my shoulders, nodding my head, snapping my fingers, moving my feet or swaying (when sitting at a desk or standing while washing dishes or even when reading a book). I also like doing stretching and easy moves while watching TV -- keeps me from eating mindlessly as well as being easier on my feet!

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DACSAC Posts: 575
7/6/10 5:29 P

I haven't found any exercise that feels like fun yet.

PIFFLED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (57,040)
Posts: 443
7/6/10 5:18 P

Playing tag with our giant dog - he is one fast puppy!!

NURSIE8 Posts: 344
7/6/10 5:03 P

I find that playing Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus games are a lot of fun and they don't feel like exercise.

7/6/10 4:42 P

Vyralynne, You can look at a couple of videos on YouTube to see what it is and if you like it. :)

7/6/10 4:41 P

I also love Zumba. Another thing I do is download books onto my MP3 player. My local library lets you download for free (21 day rental) so I get lost in my book while I'm on the elliptical or walking on my street. It's still the same exercises I've been doing but I'm so engrossed in my book that I'm not paying attention to my exercise. :)

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
7/6/10 4:19 P

I sure wasn't thinking exercise last night while playing tennis, only 'Woo-hoo, this is FUN!"

Badminton is great too!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

LKNIGHT6484 Posts: 1
7/6/10 4:13 P

Zumba works for me but you have to find something you enjoy so you don't even notice when you start to sweat

SOBOYLE3 Posts: 111
7/6/10 3:54 P

Zumba is a dancing-type workout. I haven't tried it personally. I guess it just depends how self-conscious you are.
Also, you can add your weight loss ticker when you create your sparkpage. There's options down at the bottom.

7/6/10 3:35 P

how do you get the weight tracker at the bottom of your message? the one that tracks how much weight you have lost?

VYRALYNNE Posts: 119
7/6/10 3:30 P

Hiking and Forza. Someone PLEASE tell me what the heck Zumba is!

SHEILAR1 Posts: 781
7/6/10 3:19 P

turn the music up really loud and just move, jump, dance, etc for 10 minute intervals work up to 4-6 times a day.

CECE0330 Posts: 3,465
7/6/10 3:18 P


FORTKATE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,751)
Posts: 192
7/6/10 3:16 P

Walking...I love to walk!

GLAMOURGAL25 Posts: 15
7/6/10 3:04 P

Swimming! I love swimming at the lake, I don't do laps or anything intense but I don't just sit in the water either. I just go to have fun and cool off from the heat but I wear my heart rate monitor and it counts as part of my cardio for the day :)

S7F23B Posts: 54
7/6/10 2:47 P

Zumba. It's so much fun that you forget it's exercise!

7/6/10 2:29 P

Pool games. I always wake up sore the next morning and have no earthly idea why.

MOMMYG1227 Posts: 6
7/6/10 2:11 P

My husband told me about this as well.. It definitely sounds like fun!

HEART2010 Posts: 11
7/6/10 2:08 P

Lawn mowing, gardening, cleaning out the garage, other heavy cleaning. You know, the stuff I have to do anyway, but when I think about it, it's decent exercise . . . and it makes me feel better to be "multitasking"

BFAIR76 Posts: 18
7/6/10 1:57 P

OK Sunny... you can't post Geocaching without a definition!! It sounds interesting!

SUNNY238 Posts: 1,582
7/6/10 1:39 P

Geocaching....the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the treasure!!

7/6/10 1:29 P

Walking and music. Time goes by very quickly.

SCHMECS Posts: 1
7/6/10 1:22 P

Oh, singles tennis! No question!

BFAIR76 Posts: 18
7/6/10 1:16 P

Dancing is the only exercise that doesn't feel like exercise! I don't even mind sweating when I dance... and I hate to sweat!

THENEWDRE SparkPoints: (3,871)
Fitness Minutes: (5,357)
Posts: 63
7/6/10 1:09 P

Wii "Just Dance"; Playing with my son; Walking around the zoo, pushing a stroller up the hills.

YOOVIE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (65,976)
Posts: 15,549
7/6/10 1:07 P


MAYOGOLD Posts: 17
7/6/10 12:58 P

Training to run in a 5K for the MLB All Star Game

BIRDA65 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,948)
Posts: 81
7/6/10 12:52 P

Walking. Take the stairs. Walk leave the car out in the parking lot and walk to the door.

2BEARSMOM Posts: 79
7/6/10 12:51 P

Gardening and wii~ but not at the same time emoticon

7/6/10 12:40 P

Contra Dancing!

It is definitely a lot of exertion, but hardly like "exercise" in the exert-myself-specifically-for-weight-loss.

Tons of fun, and I met my boyfriend/future husband contra dancing :)

MDANFORD Posts: 75
7/6/10 12:27 P

Playing with my kids. Lots of running, lifting, getting up and getting back down. Lots of fun!

7/6/10 12:25 P


SPUNKYJOY77 Posts: 483
7/6/10 11:33 A

Gardening is peaceful, rewarding and great full body exercise emoticon

HKBATEMAN228 Posts: 98
7/6/10 10:56 A

try kayaking--awesome scenery, and you burn mega calories, but enjoy yourself so much it doesn't even feel like work (until the next day, anyway, when you're sore all over!)

ANNERA Posts: 3
7/6/10 10:36 A

I agree. Do something you like but it wont over whelm you. Swim, Wii, Dancing, Walking. Something simple.

SREEVA77 Posts: 24
7/6/10 8:40 A

walking when listening to songs

SUPERSMILE37 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,976)
Posts: 223
7/6/10 8:28 A

swimming and wii :)

DHUINNE Posts: 2
7/6/10 7:51 A

Dance is the best way to exercise without feeling like exercise. I especially love belly dance - it's aerobic and toning all in one! Ballet bar work is great for balance and helps tone the muscles (especially the thighs, butt, and abs). Hip Hop is high energy and will burn about a zillion calories while you're having fun.

Try dance - bet you can't take just one class!

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
7/6/10 7:06 A

walking, dancing, biking... paddle boating!!

JUST_TRI_IT SparkPoints: (61,718)
Fitness Minutes: (73,906)
Posts: 5,261
7/6/10 4:37 A

walking, playing tennis, golf

45ANDFIT1 Posts: 1,003
7/6/10 4:12 A

walking and kayaking

7/6/10 3:20 A

walking or dancing on good music.

BRENDY_28 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,251)
Posts: 1,145
7/6/10 3:13 A

swimming and dancing :)

7/6/10 2:45 A

Multiple rounds of Dance Revolution ~ can't get enough emoticon

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