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CELTIC1966 Posts: 132
2/8/13 9:45 P

Thanks for your good wishes :)

CELTIC1966 Posts: 132
2/8/13 9:43 P

Thanks very much for your good wishes :)

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (20,017)
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2/8/13 9:48 A

Hi Celtic,

What great advice you've received so far. After you get clearance from your doctor, I would suggest water aerobics. Most Family Y's offer the class. It's almost Zero impact, you can even wear a flotation belt to lighten the load, it's great cardiovascular exercise, it's social, and it's lots of fun.

My Y hear in Florida has so many participants, they have had to split into 2 classes of about 30 people each to fit them all into the shallow end of the pool.

Good luck with your knee replacement. From my experience, you will feel much better after you have it done. I was walking within about 6 hours of coming out of the anesthesia.

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2/7/13 9:56 P

If your dr. clears it, swimming is great for limited mobility. Even if you can't swim, you can use resistance bands or empty milk jugs with lids on under the water to provide resistance for your arms.

Hope everything goes well.

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2/7/13 6:13 P

Hi Celtic,

Before even looking at the exercises located in the Limited Mobility Lifestyle center, you will need to contact your doctor to see what exercises you have been cleared to do which will not exacerbate your current situation.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

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2/7/13 4:39 P

SP has a limited mobility lifestyle center that can provide all sorts of tips, tricks, suggestions, and workouts for you!

CELTIC1966 Posts: 132
2/7/13 4:33 P

Hi, I currently have low mobility due to the fact that I am awaiting knee replacement surgery and would very grateful if anyone can give me some ideas of exercises that I could be doing to be able to get exercising.

Many thanks in advance for your help emoticon

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