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11/25/12 4:33 P

Hi N16351D - Hi,
I live in Sydney.
Also have sent you a mail on your spark page. Would be a good place to keep in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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10/31/12 11:27 P


Lovely to hear from you and visualize walking to a beach with your soulmate! Where in the world are you? I live in the Pacific NW about 100 miles NW of Seattle. It rains here a lot!

Warm regards,


10/31/12 11:17 P

Dear N16351D,
As always, enjoy reading your post. Sorry its taken me a while to get back. I can relate to your experience when family is around, so I am planning to be more careful when I am around them during my vacation. Also, I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who is not just my soulmate in everyday life but also in my fitness goals. We have recently started walking about 5 kms each day to the beach, which is beautiful in the evenings.
I have been finding different ways to get exercise into my days while on vacation.
Will keep you posted.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/17/12 6:19 A

Yesterday provided a perfect example of "family loves food," and trying to say "no". I dropped by mom's house to help take care of her business. Surprisingly the first person I saw on arrival was the 88 year old father of a dear friend from high school who lives nearby. Then there was 87 year old Aunt Betty visiting with my 86 year old mother. All three had one daughter with them and my sister was preparing lunch. This was extraordinarily rare as my mother is unable to host friends.

I had just eaten. For unrelated reasons, my stomach was a little upset and all I wanted was water. But I also wanted to visit with these lovely old friends. I was not planning on eating at mom's house. But my sister began making a grilled cheese sandwich for me to go with the canned tomato soup. I wanted to stay and visit, but not eat as I really didn't feel like it.

The high fat and favorite sandwich was placed in front of me with the soup, along with everyone else. I thought I would eat 1/4 of the sandwich to be polite. Instead, I devoured it all. At least I walked out before they served the Apple Crisp and ice cream! 12 hours later, I still regret having eaten the cheese sandwich that I didn't need nor want. For dinner I had a salad and vegetables as I was still too full to eat the main dish I prepared!

Being around relatives and food is the absolute hardest for me! When traveling, it is even harder because I am away from my own kitchen! How much easier it would have been to have married someone who shares my value for fitness instead of my kind, thoughtful, hard-working, loyal, and generous couch potato!

After spending several hours reading and writing posts for the last week, I have decided that no matter who we are, nor where we live, or where we are in life, losing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just darn hard! After 40 years of jogging and fitness, it still is a daily struggle to be healthy and fit!

10/16/12 4:32 P

N16351D - I agree with your post, I have had similar experience with relatives. Its certainly hard to say no to the delicious food prepared with so much love. The most difficult part is resisting when I love the sweet treats. So obviously the only part that I have complete control over would be to get in as much as exercise as I can.

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10/16/12 12:06 P

PooJavet: It has been my experience that when with friends and relatives (either at home or on vacation) it is the absolute hardest time to keep within my goals for healthy eating! Always, they encourage me to eat more. If visiting a relative or friend who was thoughtful enough to fix a baked good for desert because we were arriving, my husband gets mad at me if I don't eat it because he says it is inconsiderate of the homemaker who went through the trouble to do it.

I finally learned that when going to mom's house, to bring my own low calorie main and side dishes, and deserts.

Traveling with family who do not share my fitness goals, and visiting family who don't care how much they eat it is incredibly hard to say "no" to foods served which I love. It is readily available, and it is impolite to refuse those foods in their homes.

It is exceptionally hard when tempted by all of the wonderful treats because I simply love to eat them!!

I had great success on my trip to Europe for three weeks because I traveled solo with a tour group. I ate a large breakfast, light snack for lunch and every other dinner was large, then small, then large, then small. Walking while touring helped. I lost five pounds on that trip! The biggest help was that I had no snacks, and few sweets.

I have no great answers for traveling with family who wants to eat and be sedentary when you don't want to be that way. But I sure have empathy and sympathy for the problem! My only recourse to save myself is to increase jogging and walking while away from home. I can always fit it in, the only question is if I can do enough of it.

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
10/15/12 10:24 P

i take my computer so i can do my exercise dvd's and also walk alot on vacation.

10/15/12 5:01 P

MARITIMERS 3 - That is good to hear. Thank you for writing in
I will have to try an exercise band, never used one before.

10/15/12 4:59 P

HEATHOG, thank you for writing back. Unfortunately I wont have a computer and limited internet access.

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10/15/12 4:58 P

Hi N16351D,

I have about 50 odd days before the vacation. My vacation is pretty long, about 2 months, out of which, i can easily exercise for more than a month. So it was just a month that I was concerned about and have decided that walking will be my fav . Also, I rediscovered callanetics and was planning on doing that too.
Though am also trying to figure out what and how to manage my diet for the first month. At home, I can plan ahead and eat what I chose but when one is with friends and relatives its not that easy. Hopefully by then I will come up with some ways.Suggestions are always welcome :-)

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10/12/12 10:41 A

most definitely

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10/12/12 10:09 A

I almost always lose weight while on vacation because:
- I drink very little alcohol
- I try to eat at buffets so that I can control what, and how much I eat
- I walk a lot!
- if you want to ST while on vacation, take advantage of fitness centres at hotels and/or take exercise bands and light free weights with you

HEATHOG Posts: 65
10/12/12 9:35 A

Will you have internet access or an exercise DVD? On days where I can't get outside or to the gym, I do one of the SparkPeople exercises or plop in a DVD in my computer!

Good luck!

MULYZA Posts: 92
10/11/12 10:38 P

Long walks with family/friends are the best!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/11/12 10:20 P


When are you going on vacation? Have you begun to figure out how you might be able to fit in exercise on your trip? How long will you be away from home?


10/9/12 7:51 P

Thank you MARG17

MARG17 Posts: 285
10/8/12 8:58 A

yes do a lot of walking

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10/8/12 8:44 A


10/8/12 1:55 A

N16351D: So sorry to hear about the infection, I hope you get well soon and get back to jogging.

Thank you for so much information that you shared, i can certainly apply most of it. I have started walking more in my day to day life, walking once a week to the day market (which is about 6 kms from my place). And i realise that its not to difficult to accomplish. Though i take the bus back if have bought a lot of stuff. And its fun as you mentioned in that, i get to see so many places/shops that i had missed earlier when i was using the bus / car.

Thank you again for all the help.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/7/12 9:47 A

Remembered that I walked as often as possible when on tours on vacation. If we were sightseeing, and if there was a choice between elevator and stairs, I took stairs. In the case of the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, I walked up stairs as far as my energy and time would allow.

Walk during the day as much as is practical for your activities and accompanying group.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/6/12 10:04 A

Walked on the ferry- did not run on it. Sorry for the confusion. Has to be a ferry with a loop around it as back and forth didn't work very well on small ones. I learned I prefer to walk outside the ferry as I got too hot too quickly indoors where it is warm.

You could keep up with me now as I have been very ill for 4 1/2 months. Jogged five miles on May 20, got a fever on May 22, was in bed for six weeks, and am now only able to walk about 3 miles before I become fatigued. It was a viral lung infection. Ouch! Will have more tests done on November 1, to determine if it more body parts than the lungs were affected. Can't wait to become fully well!

Remember, every jogger started some time with walking. There are some posts about how to start jogging, with transitions from walking to jogging. You can walk some, jog a little, walk again,then jog again. Mix it up until you are strong enough to jog 1/2 mile, then 1 mile, and so on. You can increase your distance by about 10% per week with out over-doing it.

You can always find time for walking, but depending on your travel conditions and companions, commitments (meetings?) but sometimes you have to get creative. Sometimes I skip meals in order to be able to take 30 minutes to walk. Other times I have a snack and eat it while walking. But usually I simply get up before everyone else to have time to get outside and walk and/or jog.

I skipped dinner with the travel group 4 times in 3 weeks to swim, stretch, walk, or just have some alone time. Others always say something about it when I do that, but I ignore them. I have to live in my own body, not them. I have to live here when I am 80 years old. What I do now will make an extraordinary difference in 25 years from now. I am age 55 and have been jogging for 40 years.

No, I don't recall the name of the book and it is long since gone. It was very old- copyright in the early sixties. I wish I had saved it due to its uniqueness, never saw anything like it before or since. But SP has many ideas in videos and other places on exercises to do while sitting. Some are simple stretches. The stretchy band is very helpful on planes, but you need a guide as to what to do with it in confined spaces. Look in SP, and on instructions in a package with the bands.

On my only trip to Europe I brought two pair of shoes and flip-flops to use as sandals, for showers, and the pool. The primary shoes were for sun, rain, skirts, pants, shorts, skorts, and dresses also for mountains and beaches. I used them everywhere for everything. Then I had my jogging shoes! I purchased the flip-flops really cheap then threw them away for the trip home so I had room in my luggage for purchases and gifts.

10/6/12 2:05 A

N16341D : I wonder how it would be to walk with you (have not started running yet). So am pretty sure, you would have reached the end of the track while I would still be in the middle :-)

I liked both those ideas, but i cant figure out how you managed running on a ferry.

Will certainly try and find ways to walk while on vacation.

In your earlier post you mentioned a book that you carried which had exercises to do on flights, do you remember its name?

Thanks again.

10/6/12 2:01 A

BUBBLEJ1 : Congrats on getting so much exercise while on vacation. I can only hope for that. Thanks for stopping by.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/5/12 12:09 P

Poojvet: Nice to read your response and nice to know that my experiences can be of benefit to someone else.

I never have been with anyone on any trip who wanted to join me on early morning runs. When visiting relatives in other parts of the US, they usually express concern or worry so I take off without them.

It is fun for me to find someone who might be interested in jogging in unfamiliar places, even if I never meet you in person or get to jog with you.

I did not take time to add that I have walked 3-4 miles on ferry trips in Washington State in Seattle and the San Juan Islands, and in Lake Michigan out to Washington Island. If there is a loop, it can be walked or jogged.

You see things that others miss. I like window shopping. Since the stores are no opened when I go out, it doesn't cost me impulse buying! I look and continue on my way. Sometimes I see wild animals (elk, deer, racoon, mink) in rural areas that come out at dawn and others miss.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and enjoy the journey!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
10/5/12 6:40 A

I am on a short vacation at the moment. Since I am without a car I am walking everywhere. I walked 10k today! I have my running shoes, so I plan on going for a short run tomorrow. The run should take me to a local park, where I plan on doing some fun stuff on the equipment (step ups, incline push ups, chin up, etc). I'll do some body weight ST, like squats, lunges and planks, too.

Hope that helps a bit!

10/5/12 5:37 A

I really enjoyed reading your post N16351D. Its was so inspiring, that I feel like going out for a walk now (even though I just got back from one). Thank you so much for your time, I am extremely grateful.Thank you.

10/5/12 5:33 A

Thanks JENMC14 for the suggestion. I might not have internet connection but i can certainly print out a plan and take with me.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/5/12 5:22 A

In addition to my resistance bands, I bring my swim suit, jogging shoes and reflector vest so I can swim and jog wherever I am in the country, or in the world. I have jogged in some major cities and quiet countrysides in several states in the US. I usually get up and go early in the morning before others in my party are awake - often at dark. One reason I go in the morning is because the "bad boys" are generally sleeping off. I feel safer in strange cities alone in the morning than at evening or night. Early morning jogging does not interfere with plans of the group. When I was quite young, I figured I was in better condition and could outrun any potential muggers. Maybe naieve, but I never have had any troubles with early morning runs, and I have never done evening/night runs solo.

I go for 15 minutes, or 1.5 hours depending on my conditioning and how things work out. I have jogged in 85 degrees in the morning in Hawaii, or 25 degrees in the Pacific NW. I jogged in New York, Minneapolis, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington D.C., Portland Oregon and Portland, Maine. Once each in Venice, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Innsbruck, and countryside villages in Europe on one three-week trip. Every run was by myself as no one wanted to come with me. Their mistake!

I ask airline pilot friends or desk clerks if the city I visit is safe for a woman to be jogging solo and only in LA, CA was I advised not to do so. Instead, I ran up and down the hotel stairs and walked all around this huge hotel for an hour, then I did the exercises listed below in the hotel room or exercise room.

If in a hotel in an unfamiliar city, I tell the desk clerk to call 911 and look for me if I am not back in _______ time. Then I make sure I am back by then. I always have had someone looking for my return. I carry my ID, watch, a little cash, and hotel key, but not my driver's license, credit card, or something I greatly care about. During dark hours I might carry a very small flashlight. Twice I carried mace, but I have never had to use it. Usually I am with someone in the hotel room and they know to look for me later if I don't show up.

I have never used a map. Instead, I note the streets on which I do (or don't) turn. I often ask hotel desk clerks for nice 3 or 5 mile loop. I was so worried about getting lost in Munich, that I simply went down one street for 45 minutes, turned around and went back on the other side! I made no turns. That doesn't always work, though!

Usually, family and friends were not supportive. I just went without telling them. Often, friends and family think I am nuts and worry with excess concern for my safety. The more worried they are, the less I tell them and just get out and get moving! I try to return before most are awake.

On long flights, I go to the back by the food service area and do standing stretches, calf raises , stretchy band exercises or more, and in the seat I do seated exercises. One of them is glute (butt or cheek) squeezes! For years I had a book on exercises to do on a plane!

If all else fails, do Yoga or Pilates, or both.

Travel is no reason to quit exercise. Instead it is a great time to have adventures alone, see things others sleepy people won't see and explore quiet towns or the large metropolis. After doing this for 35 years, no one can talk me out of it. It has been a blast! I just go!!

Then log it in your exercise journal. It is really cool to have notes on varied locations in your journal!!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/5/12 4:45 A

I would suggest investing in some resistance bands. They're cheap and portable. You could print a routine from here on SP for them. Also, you could just let your friends and family know you'll want to work out everyday. If there's activities planned for every day, it might not be a bad idea to get up a bit early and get out for a run/walk for some cardio, then do some ST. Or, you could do your workouts when everyone else is getting ready to unwind for the day or go to bed. If the resistance bands aren't an option, make a list of of some good body weight moves like squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, etc. you can do. If you'll have internet access, you can always try to squeeze in a few of SP's 10 minutes videos as well.

10/5/12 2:44 A

Hi all,
I have just started working out regularly and am seeing a difference in not just the weight but also my overall appearance and confidence level. I will be going on a month long vacation (will visit friends/family/rewind). Though its 2 months before I leave, I am already concerned as to what form of exercise I could do when I will be traveling / living with relatives and friends. I will certainly not have the independence as I have now nor the space. Would love to hear few suggestions.
Thanks all.
Have a wonderful day.

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