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OUTSIDEIN30 Posts: 268
4/14/09 2:55 P

I used to have the same problem and this is what helped me: staying hydrated (at least 80 ounces of water per day) and sipping some of that water during my workout.

Also exercising on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning).

I recently purchased a heart rate monitor and I noticed that I beging to feel nauseous when I am at the top of my training zone so I think it also has to do with intensity.

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4/14/09 2:19 P

Working out really hard will make me feel sick too if I do it for too long. In fact, I think it's pretty common. When I was in Track & Field in high school, some students would push themselves so hard during practice they would puke. It still happens to me quite a bit, especially if I do an intense cardio workout and then do some intense weightlifting afterwards. I will get through 1 set and need to stop because I feel like puking. It's just your body's way of telling you to stop (my opinion). Your body needs to get used to the level of activity try to dial down the intensity level until your body gets more used to exercising.

TECHIEK Posts: 883
4/14/09 11:48 A

I think the best thing to do at this point is to raise this issue with your Dr. We can ask all sorts of question here but nothing will beat the advise of the person who knows and understands your medical history.

BIGBURK Posts: 168
4/14/09 11:47 A

If you're getting sick from working out for long bouts try spreading your exercise out. Why not go for 5 minute walks throughout the day and see how you feel.

When starting an exercise regimen it is usually best to start slow and ease yourself in, not shock your body into and a massive calorie burning rage.

4/14/09 11:35 A

Do you feel sick at all levels of exertion? I know that working out too hard makes me feel sick. Do you think you may be pushing yourself past your body's limits?

4/14/09 11:26 A

Thanks for the reply!

I have Crohns Disease but everything else has checked out ok. I really need to lose some weight and get fit before I develop diabetes or something!

I think I may not be drinking enough water lately. The water jugs at work have been tasting off to me and my favorite water jar is now permanently flavored with lemon aid from crystal light powders. But I've always felt sick when working out.

I come from a VERY sedentary lifestyle tho. I work at a computer all day and at home, I play all night on one.

4/14/09 11:17 A

Some questions to raise are:

-Are you eating too soon before a work out?
-are you not eating at all before a work out?
-do you have blood pressure issues?
-Do you hold your breath for long periods of time while doing exercises (you would be surprised how many people hold their breath when doing strength training or stretching - they don't even realize they are doing it)
-do you have circulation problems?
-Could you be/Are you pregnant?
-Do you get your 8 cups of water and drink water during your work outs?

You might need to see a doc if this persists. It could indicate an underlying condition.

4/14/09 11:13 A

Every time I exercise, immediately afterwards, I am "throw up" type sick. I'm dizzy and weak feeling and this lasts for a good hour afterwards.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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