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5/17/14 2:52 P

I am glad you can see what your triggers are. That is helping you. Thanks for sharing!

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10/23/13 4:53 P

What did your Dr do for your asthma? Did she increase your inhaler dose? or give you another type of inhaler?

If you are still recovering from your sickness, then I would back off a lot of exercise, other than gentle stuff. Give your body proper time to recover. If it is possible, if you are doing larger blocks of exercise, perhaps changing to snatches of 5 minutes or 10 minutes might be more beneficial. Even sitting on a gym ball and doing leg exercises and body rotations etc. is very helpful without being over-taxing.


TAMI1836 Posts: 78
10/23/13 12:32 P

Need help with tips for my asthma people help spark people and friends. Asthma is really getting in my way. Right now i feel like i am just coping and struggling with my asthma. I got sick a month ago and before that i had been exercising consistently then somehow my sickness triggered my asthma to turn bad. Now i am just struggling and coping to get through workouts. I am not sick any more but i have seen the doctor recently and i told her how my asthma has gotten pretty bad and i feel like she just put a band-aid it. So i need advice and encourage. Please help with tips or any suggestions or encouragements thank you so much everyone!!

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4/23/13 1:34 A

i have exercise induced asthma since childhood.there are some realisations i had on my journey towards tackling it.its more of how we shud work on ourself..

the chances of me getting an attack is higher when :

1) i try to breathe with my mouth while exercing-for me the sudden small gushes of air thru mouth brought an i strictly breathe thru my nose. there wud b times when the air u take in thru nose feels less,so just slow ur exercise till u feel u r at a comfortable breathing rate and up the intensity SLOWLY
2) if i dont warm up properly i surely get one. i guess its the sudden change that trigger my i try to smooth into my workout with a good 10 or sometimes even 15minutes of warm up so that i donot give my respiratory tract any surprises.
3) i always had this lingering thought that i am going to trigger an attack if i exercise. as u might already know, psychology plays a major part in when u start your exercise with the above mentioned points make sure you have your meds at hand so that you can avoid a panic driven attack if at all you get slightly breathless.
knowing that my meds are around always kept me calm and to my surprise, i have stopped getting anymore of EIA.
so you can begin by take a puff or two 10minutes before your warm up in the initial days.slowly u shall realise u dont need that even.just stay calm and let your body take it slow..
oh and by the way once u lose,EIA goes down dont worry dear... if i can do it,anyone can.
and yeah i do lots of zumba now :)

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4/22/13 5:33 P

No, I've never used a meter. But I do know that in week one, I could feel my airways constricting only several minutes in, even with the inhaler. Today, on my first day of week 4, I just finished 60 minutes at a 3.5 with a 1.0 incline, and didn't need the inhaler once! Ever since I was a child, my doctor's have just said, "Use your inhaler when you think you need it," or "Use it before you exercise," or the worst, "Avoid exercise." I wonder how my fitness throughout life would have been different I hadn't been taught as a child that people with asthma "can't" exercise.

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4/22/13 4:38 A

SUSANSEARCY .......... That is FANTASTIC :-)

Do you use a peak flow meter regularly, and if so, have you compared the 'before you started this journey' with now, re the improvement? I would be really interested to hear what the difference is, if you did.


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4/21/13 10:22 P

I have had EIA since I was a kid, too. After losing my father to weight related health issues, I made a commitment to get rid of my extra pounds. I started on Spark People three weeks ago. In the past, doctors have suggested starting with walking. My first couple of days I only went at a pace of 3.0 or 3.2 for 60 minutes. I did one puff of my inhaler 5 minutes before exercising, and one when I would feel my lungs starting to rebel. It was hard, and my breathing was labored, but I made it through. By the end of the first week, I was up to a 3.3 for sixty minutes. At the beginning of the second week, a coworker challenged me to do an incline. I did a 1.0 incline and thought it was so tough, but again I made it through. The next day, I did five minutes at a 3.3, then five at a 3.5, for 60 minutes. By the middle of the second week, I was only having one inhaler puff before my work out and not needing a second during. I could tell my lungs were getting better, even after only a week and a half of walking for 60 minutes a day. The second half of my second week, I increased my incline to 2.0, at a 3.3. By the end of my third week (yesterday), I did 60 straight minutes at a 3.5 with a 1.0 incline. AMAZINGLY, I didn't need my inhaler AT ALL. Not before or during. I know some people who are more experienced or more fit wouldn't think much of these numbers, but for someone who was basically sedentary and has EIA, these were all huge victories. Walking 60 minutes a day for 6 days a week is working for me and it could work for you! The walking combined with staying in my nutrition goals for calories, fat, carbs, and protein helped me drop 7 pounds in three weeks. It's also been great for improving my lung capacity in a relatively short amount of time.

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4/21/13 6:39 A

LIVINGDEAD_GIRL - here are some links that you may find helpful re the cost of your medication:

I'm sure that there will be something in there that will help you.

I'm Asthmatic too and have EIA as well. I was at my Care Plus Dr's appointment the other day and was given a printout which has this for EIA:

* Choose an interval sport if possible, (tennis, swimming, baseball, volleyball etc.)

* Warm up and cool down in same environment that you plan to participate in

* Take reliever medication (2-4 puffs or as prescribed) 3-5 minutes before exercise

* Stop if you get asthma, rest and take reliever if necessary

* Ensure that you are recovered before starting to exercise again

* If Asthma symptoms return after exercise is resumed, exercise should be discontinued for the day.

(I hope that I am not breaching SP rules by putting that)


4/20/13 2:03 P

@EDEACONTX- you are definitely on the other end of the spectrum as I am. My asthma now is better than it was then what it was when I was younger. The difference is now I am obese and when I was younger I was at a normal healthy weight. Funny how that is, when I was thin and active I was prone to throwing attacks at the drop of a hat. Now that I am so heavy and hardly exercise I haven't really needed to use my nebuliser. To me that sounds crazy because of what I hear from the medical world and around the web. Guess I'm just lucky like that?

EDEACONTX Posts: 1,065
4/20/13 11:22 A

I'm asthmatic. I always keep my inhaler on me during exercise. Ive learned the more weight I lose the better my asthma gets. Just me though!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,548
4/5/13 4:18 P

I'm not sure if we will be able to do a workout plan like that because it is such a specific and sometimes individualized issue, but I did pass your request on to the team.


Coach Denise

4/5/13 3:30 P

I have been wondering if the Spark Coaches could come up with a low impact cardio plan for those with exercise induced asthma.
I've had moderate to severe EIA since I was 5, was in and out of doctor offices and hospitals as a kid, even after I was given my own nebuliser when I was 7. There was even a couple years when I was young where I wasn't allowed by my doctor to do any type of running and high intensity sport/play. Now if I do any type of high impact cardio I have to have my rescue inhaler with me. The problem I am having right now is I don't have any insurance and really can't afford to see a doctor and to pay for my asthma meds for as much as I would need them if I were to start exercising. I am right now scared to exercise for fear of an attack and a medical bill that I would be unable to pay. But I am at the heaviest I have ever been and something has got to give, I want to exercise and do zumba and aerobics but I know if I do I'll be coughing and wheezing and gasping for air. HELP!

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