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1/3/13 2:36 A

Try some of the videos on Spark -- they can be done in limited space with minimal equipment. You can use soup cans or water bottles for weights if necessary :)

As for cooking, the crockpot is a great healthy tool for making meat, soups, etc. things like lentil soup go great in there. And you can also cook in a pot or pan on the grill if you want to stew something, make eggs, etc. If you have the money to spend on one more piece of kitchen equipment, a toaster oven would make your setup complete.

Good luck, and don't forget that your most important tool is your own determination to succeed. You can do it!

1/2/13 11:34 P

Does the recreation center have strength training equipment? If so, plan on doing a full-body workout there every 2-3 days. Then you just need to find a way to fit in cardio a few days a week. Possibly jump rope, possibly do a workout video or dance, or maybe go for a run or brisk walk outside.
Even if you can't exercise as much as you'd like, you can still get good results by limiting calories and carbohydrates.

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1/2/13 8:59 P

I bought the Spark People 28 Day Bootcamp DVD and I can do that in my bedroom which is about the same space you have. There are free videos on this site that you should check out too. I have done quite a few in that small space. Sometimes it takes turning a different way during the workout but I do it.

Don't underestimate walking. If it's safe to walk in your area, layer up and get out there. My dog does not take no for answer because it's cold out. Walk with a purpose, pull your abs in, concentrate on using your thighs and butt, not below the knees and really push off from your heels to work that bootee!!!

Check out the recipe section of the website. There are a gazillion recipes out there.

I hope for wonderful things for you now in this new chapter of your life. Make it happen!

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1/2/13 7:46 P

honestly, you can do a LOT in that space. I've done P90x and full kettlebell routines in a space smaller than what you describe.

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1/2/13 6:48 P

I first joined SP last year and I'm back again. I lost 25 pounds from Feb - May 2012 by working out and tracking what I ate. I've gone through some "stuff" since Jun 2012. I stopped working out and stopped tracking what I ate. Now, you guessed it, I'm back where I started, almost. I've lost my muscle tone that I gained and have gained back the 15 of the 25 pounds I lost. I'm starting to feel tight, stiff, and "old". I'm not "old" I'm 43!!
Here's where I need guidance, I'm now living in a travel trailer. I can only "cook" in the microwave, crockpot or grill (outside). It's winter, cold and snowy outside, I live 15 miles from town, and don't go into town everyday. There is a recreation center in town that I can utilize when I do go to town which is about 2-3 days a week.
I need guidance on healthy recipes and healthy eating.
I need guidance on highly effective exercises that I can do in a very small space. I have a space about 4.5x5' that I probably can use to work in. Floor exercises would be a little difficult to do but I might be able to master it. All of my exercise equipment is packed away and space it limited so the more I can use my own body as resistance the better.
I'm determined to loose my weight back and continue on with my goals. I've seen the difference between the way I was feeling and the way I'm starting to feel and I want the healthy feeling instead.
Any suggestions help is welcome!!! Thank you in advance!

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