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1/6/13 2:04 P


I'd encourage you to check out our Senior Health Lifestyle Center. There you'll find some good articles about exercise. Here's a link:

Make sure you've been cleared by your doctor to exercise, and then you'll just want to go at your own pace. I agree that walking and water exercise are both good choices because they are easy on your joints.

Hope that helps. If you have more questions, let us know.

Coach Jen

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1/6/13 12:42 P

Age isn't a factor. Fitness level and injuries are.

Beginner clients do the same exercises as someone more advanced, just regressed according to fitness level.

I have a client in her 70's who lifts almost as heavy as I do.

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1/6/13 11:29 A

Have you seen our Limited Mobility Lifestyle center?

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1/6/13 11:20 A

I would suggest looking for a SparkTeam that is based on age as a place to look for exercises that would suit you. Also, don't discount walking as exercise!

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1/6/13 11:11 A

I am new to SparkPeople this week. Is there a place/section for exercises for an older person. The ones I have seen would be impossible for me to do - but maybe later when I lose some weight.


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