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4/26/14 6:40 P

In answer to your question whether walking 45 minutes a day will help -- yes! I've lost tons of weight and until recently my only exercise routine was walking. Walk fast enough to feel like you're working out a little -- in other words, not a leisurely stroll -- and you'll do great. There are many other great exercises to do, but walking is, IMO, almost the ideal exercise for a beginner.

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4/26/14 6:34 P

Why not ask your mom to write you a plan and show you how to use weights?

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4/26/14 6:21 P

Just move! Just move and get your heart rate up! Walking is great. In fact, it's what I do. I spend at least an hour five days a week on the treadmill walking. I like to include incline intervals to add more challenge to it, but just walking is good too! Keep with it and it'll make a difference.

I also suggest finding other activities you can incorporate every now and then to avoid getting bored. For example, when my husband has the day off, I'll skip the treadmill and we'll go to a park and play tennis. We're terrible, but it's fun and it's a great workout running all over the court.

Incorporating some strength training three days a week will speed things along. If you don't have any equipment, check out SparkPeople's Pinterest board for equipment free workouts here

And yay you for getting back on here! I wish you all the best!! emoticon

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4/26/14 5:30 P

Despite the fact that my mom used to be a personal trainer, I am clueless about exercising! I am just starting my second 'real' go at Spark People and I want to become healthier, not just thinner. I figure the key to this is exercise... except I don't know how to do it!

My plan for now is to walk for 45-60 minutes a day on the treadmill or outside, but will this make a difference? Most of my extra weight is around my belly, thighs and face. I really don't do much of anything now so I figure something is better than nothing, right?

What are you best tips for those who are clueless about exercise?

Thanks for everyone's support and wish you all luck!

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