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Your body needs basic fuel to function, and the more you burn, the more you'll need to eat to support that exercise. Ever heard of marathon runners taking gels and other fuel with them when they run? That's because the body has finite resources, and if you exercise too much while eating too little, you sabotage your efforts and shortchange your body's ability to perform. You don't "eat back" the calories you work out, but you do need more to eat if you're active than you do if you're sedentary.

If you're using Sparkpeople's adjustable tracker, it will do the calculations for you.

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Your tracker is designed to help you maintain a calorie deficit whether you exercise or not. So if you don't exercise, the calories for the day will be lower than on a day you did exercise. But the site does the calculation for you so you don't have to worry about it.

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Hi All! I am a newbie here and following the trackers with conviction. My concern is that the food tracker gives me my "foods to follow" for the day. Then I go and do my exercise (which today was 375 calories). I am afraid to add those to my daily food as I don't want to gain weight. Any suggestions on how you handle your exercise and ensure you don't sabatoge yourself? emoticon

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