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LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
3/6/13 6:56 P

I do squats while on bathroom breaks! I do 10 squats while I wash my hands. If I have something to microwave, I do heel raises while waiting.

JESSKAPPEL SparkPoints: (16,506)
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3/6/13 2:06 P

I try to get in about 50 squats while i wait for my lunch to heat up in the microwave or through out the course of the day

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
3/6/13 1:26 P

I keep a resistance band at my desk and do a variety of leg exercises (most can be done while sitting down). I would recommend using the workout generator and creating a workout using resistance bands for lower body.

3/6/13 1:22 P

I just came on here to post about this very topic! My job duties have changed - I am tied to my desk now - I used to be able to get up and about, and be in and out of the building. I don't even have time to take walks - my new duties take up every second of my time (I'll probably have to stay later now b/c of this post lol). I'm currently dancing around in my chair to my Pandora station, but I can tell it's not going to cut it. My neck and back are getting very stiff. Maybe yoga when i get home?

Does anyone have one of those little stair stepper things that fit under your desk?

SBURDEN Posts: 11,219
3/6/13 11:11 A

I do exercise over my lunch or on breaks. It's a great way to break up the day and get a few things done before I go home! I use many of the strength exercises on SP. I keep a band at work too, so I have one piece of equipment on hand at all times. It is amazing though how many things in your office can help you fit in the workouts!

QUEENBEA77 Posts: 21
3/6/13 10:45 A

All good ideas. The physical therapists at my DR office use the balls for chairs and I tried it - you certainly have to hold in your core muscles to stay upright. I have to keep reminding myself to get up and move during the day. Good thing for us our bathroom is downstairs so I at least climb the stairs a couple times a day. I used to walk a 2 mile route at my old job but now with the weather being cold I at least make sure I get to the gym before work but once the weather gets warmer and dryer I'm going to start walking at lunch again. I have to drive the route to measure it out so I know the mile markers and wear my pedometer

3/5/13 8:30 P

I make use of my smart phone and do some of Coach Nicole's intervals, sometimes I walk around the building, and because sometimes I just stand around with not much to do, I'll do wall push-ups or tricep dips on a chair.

CHERYLHURT Posts: 62,301
3/5/13 8:26 P


BAGETTE12 SparkPoints: (233)
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3/5/13 7:43 P

I've been looking for exercise ideas. I work in a call center with A LOT of people, and I really don't want to feel stupid exercising between calls. I considered the balance ball for a chair, but how do you transport it to work? (I have a very small car.) Then walking in with it inflated would be awkward. (Its a little ways to my cubicle.) Anyways, ANKLE WEIGHTS! I figure I will try those, and maybe some wrist weights. I also have a little rollaway drawer we call "roly polys" lol.. I pull it out, sit on it, and tuck my legs under the desk and do sit ups. I lay back til I'm about flush with the seat (its not long enough to lay on), then use my core to pull myself back up. Its like sitting in a chair with no back, and G.I. Jane'n it.. lol

CMCCLELLAN521 Posts: 95
11/8/12 8:32 P

I walk - a bunch- my pedometer is my best friend - I get 2 breaks (15 mins) and a lunch - I walk from one end of the building to the other (1/3 of a mile) twice on each break and anytime I need to go the restroom I go to the one on the other side of the building. I eat lunch for 30-minutes and walk the other 30.

If it's crazy busy at the office, then I make sure to "fidget" all day and stand while on the phone or talking to my staff.

It's all of the little things that make a difference.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
11/8/12 7:28 P

I get exercise on my way to and from the office (I walk to work), and I also try to walk frequently at the office (use the stairs, not the elevator). I use a balance ball for a chair (makes my back feel better and strengthens my core.)

And there are a few exercises I do at work, but nothing aerobic or really obvious. I do balancing exercises to improve my balance and strengthen my ankles and feet for running. I tap my toes to stretch and strengthen my shins. And at the end of the day when I'm getting a bit tired and not too many people are around, I have sometimes done squats or some marching in place to warm myself up and wake up my brain.

EEE777 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 23
11/8/12 5:38 P

I also agree with the suggestion of exercising during your lunch break if that's possible. You could probably fit in a few brisk miles as well as some strength exercises like squats and lunges before heading back to your desk (if you actually get a break you're allowed to take)

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
11/8/12 5:19 P

Ooo and two other ideas: wear a pedometer and comfortable shoes, both of which can inspire more movement during the day!

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
11/8/12 5:17 P

I'm a social worker who works in a treatment facility where I COULD sit all day (and my coworkers do). However, I use every excuse I can to stand. I'll prop up my computer mouse and keyboard to stand while I research online, I'll stand and do lunges, squats, etc while I'm on the phone, I run on my lunch break, I stand while I teach/lead groups, etc. In response to the poster below about hesitating to exercise at work, I personally don't have that issue b/c my boss knows how I'm very into a healthy lifestyle. Plus I get a lot of work done in the afternoon after a run as opposed to a lot of my coworkers who hit the 4 o'clock slump. Any excuse you can use to get up and move about, even if it's more physical activity than traditional exercise, is a step in the right direction. Good luck!!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/7/12 3:51 P

I purchased a fit ball for desks from a sporting good store. Then I asked permission to use it at work. The answer was, "yes". It forces me to sit up straight using back muscles all day long.
It might work in your situation (but then again it might not!)

The ball fits into a "rack" so it doesn't roll around and get out of control.

MPETERSON2311 Posts: 5,079
11/7/12 3:02 P

I was just reading a couple of articles about standing up desks and how they are becoming a new normal in some places. I try to stand up as often as I can. I know not all jobs are made for that, but its a small step that I can feel goal that I feel confident in reaching.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/7/12 2:45 P

I repeat the former post, if you have not yet read the thread under "Fitness and Exercise" titled, "Deskercise", please do! There are many ideas in there!

JENNN77 SparkPoints: (144,736)
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Posts: 653
11/7/12 1:15 P

There is a thread called "deskercise" that has ideas. I find any excuse I can to get up and walk around too

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,109)
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11/7/12 1:12 P

Do you get a lunch break ? How about taking a short 15-30 minute walk at lunch. If you drive to work, park at the far end of the lot and walk the extra distance. if you use an elevator, get off one or two floors before your office and walk up the stairs. If you take a bus or subway, get off one or two stops before and walk the extra way. These are simple things you can do to make your day more active.

Coach Nicole does have a short 15 minute desk workout.

Personally, I don't believe people should be doing exercises at their desk even if they have the best of intentions. If your boss were to see you doing exercises instead of your work, they might assume you don't have enough work to do or you're not doing your work in favor of the exercise.

One thing you might consider is working out at home while you're watching TV. You can do strength training exercises with resistance bands while watching your favorite show. Unless you have an injury, the two pound weights won't do a lot. Women are a lot stronger than they think. How heavy should the weight be ? Weigh your handbag or the every day bag you carry with your stuff in it i.e. license, money, makeup, etc. If that bag weighs 8 pounds, that's the weight you use.

YWATERS1 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/7/12 12:43 P

I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and i would like to know are there any exercises I can do while im here? i have 2lb weights at home and I was thinking about bringing them in to at least get some arm exercise in. But what about my legs and thighs? Could someone give a little help please....?

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