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You've gotten some great advice already. I agree that you'll want to carefully track what you're eating, since the majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise. I also agree that massage is not exercise. Stretching is a great part of any exercise program, but you also need regular cardio exercise and strength training too. Would swimming, biking or walking be options for you?

Coach Jen

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I don't know that it's fully understood why weight loss becomes more difficult as we get older, but it is believed that women can lose up to 1/2 kg of muscle mass per year after middle age. This can certainly contribute to a slower metabolism, so building that muscle mass back up is a great way to counteract it (and it has a lot of other benefits as well, like bone density and cardiovascular health, even immune defense). So I would definitely suggest working out with weights that challenge you several times/week.

The biggest contributor to weight loss will simply be your overall calorie balance so make sure you are tracking your calories faithfully in the tracker to stay in your weight loss range.

Massage is not exercise and I would not count stretching either, at least not toward "calorie burning" and "muscle building" type exercise. Yoga can do both but it must be challenging, not relaxing!

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Hi Narmins!

I have seen a doctor for my knees, but he says there is no substantial damage as of now but I should try not to climb too many stairs and not do the treadmill for long periods.

Thanks for your input.

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Massage is not counted as exercise, though it does help you relieve muscle soreness and stress. Try to incorporate cardio sessions also (like brisk walk). It is true that it is hard to lose weight as we age, as our metabolism decreases. I would recommend you do a few strength training sessions as well. This will help restore your muscles and increase your metabolism. Do see a physician for your knee.

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I can only address the question as to whether or not it is more difficult to lost weight when you are older.
I am 52 and for me it definitely is. I can't say I am working harder at it than last time, but it is taking longer.
I don't know if massage counts as exercise but I think that, since it relieves stress, it is probably helpful for weight loss.

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Hi All!

I am 59yrs old and have been with Spark now for almost 6 yrs. I have always enjoyed reading the articles, cooking the low-cal meals and dieting and exercising.It would be nice for me if I could lose about 2-3 Kgs weight and I am working towards it.I had lost the weight but gained it back during the holidays! :( I now do a combination of stretching and yoga for 45 mins 3 times a week and a full body vigorous oil massage 2 times a week.

My questions are : "Is this (exercise+massage) enough for me at my age? Or do I need to do more? It seems I am unable to lose weight as fast as I did before.... is that because of my age? Does massage count as exercise also? I have a slight uneasiness on my knees, but nothing that is crippling.So can I do Coach Nicolas 8 mins "Blast Fat in Eight mins flat" set of exercises?

Any input will be very welcome, specially from the Experts on the site.Do excuse me if my questions seem silly but I would like to know.

Thanks in advance,
Wish you all a Healthy body and mind!

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