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1/3/12 6:41 P

Walking, plus maybe some resistance bands or VERY light weights. You might also check out some of the Spark seated cardio videos to see if there's anything that works for you.

Good luck with your recovery!

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1/3/12 5:19 P

Did they go in laparoscopically for you?

I had incisional hernia surgery in December, full open surgery! I have two mesh panels now, one old and one new. The new one "released" a couple weeks ago, which caused horrible searing pain, although it was not a health risk. Yikes.

Today I was given the okay to get back in the pool, to use hand weights under five pounds, and to walk moderately. No crunches or lifting, just go "low and slow". If I feel pain, I am to back off immediately. I'm still having trouble rolling over, and must get off my feet often. I love the pounds of fluid I'm retaining, joy joy.

This is not fun. Take it a day at a time, don't rush, you will get there when you get there, more important to heal and get stronger than to adhere to a plan designed for folks not in a healing mode. Take care of yourself, even if you have to forgo the workouts for now. Your body will tell you what to do, listen to it.

Best of luck to you!

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12/31/11 4:12 P

WALK every day. Briskly.

12/31/11 12:31 P

Thank you for the input! You are both really wise! I just needed to "hear" it from someone else!

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12/31/11 7:19 A


If your doctor said that the only restriction you have is to lay off lifting anything over 20 pounds, then how about starting with a daily walk ? Walking is a great way to slowly ease into a regular exercise routine. If you can walk for 30 minutes, start with a 30 minute walk. If walking for 30 minutes seems like too much, then start with 10 minutes. Walking for 10 minutes three times a day still adds up to a 30 minute walk. You can break your workouts into shorter segments and still get all the benefits.

As far as strength training, you may have to lay off until your doctor gives the all clear. Once your doctor gives the okay, you'll definitely want to add some strength training to your workouts too. You don't want to neglect your strength. Increasing your lean muscle will help you lose weight. the more lean muscle a person carries, the more efficient their body will be at burning fat. you don't have to do a lot to start. you could start with resistance bands.

but once again, you have to get your okay from your doctor first.

So, how about starting with a daily walk ? there are members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate. Because ultimately, when it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keep it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

In short, with a healthy diet, you can lose weight even though you can't exercise as vigorously as you'd like. Start slowly even if it means you only exercise 10 minutes a day. you have to start somewhere.

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12/31/11 7:13 A

Sandy, WAIT for the go ahead from the Doctor, even after that be cautious. Muscle that they cut through has to repair. The lining inside deep is thinner now you had the surgery. Tearing something can cause an abcess and that leads to discomfort and meds and possible re-surgery

I am no expert, but I would work around that muscle and strenghten other body parts for now. By the time you are completely recovered,in the clear with the doctor, you will be able to work on abdominals and be stronger to do it too, God willing of course.

Eat well and use light weights for upper body and back strenght, walking for the legs

Much success to ya.

12/31/11 12:19 A

On December 8th I had hernia surgery for an epigastric hernia. Does anyone know when or what exercises are safe after this kind of surgery? My doctor said the only restriction I have is that I cannot lift 20 pounds for 8 weeks after surgery. (it's been 3 weeks). And he said if I do something and it hurts to not do it any more. I am still healing. I go back to the doctor on Jan. 16th for a follow up. I don't know if I should wait till then or start some simple exercises now. He did say that losing weight would help take pressure off of the surgery sight. So, I am turning to sparkpeople for help. Thank you for any info you might be able to share!

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