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2/11/14 11:45 A

dragonchilde, thank you for your suggested page. I checked it out, there might be a few exercises I can try, just not the yoga...too many rods in my neck and whole back. But at least it is a starting point. emoticon

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2/11/14 11:06 A

Unfortunately, we can't really give you advice, because of the nature of your medical conditions. When there's specific issues like this, the best bet is to ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist, who can design a program for you based on your individual needs that won't put you at risk of injury. You need to check with your doctor first before starting any exercise or diet program, period!

We also have a limited mobility lifestyle center you may find helpful:

40ISNTSOBAD Posts: 7
2/11/14 10:39 A

Hello everyone. I need some suggestions for exercises. I have had multiple neck/back surgeries. The last one in 2008. I have had so many limitations, I ended up not really exercising for a very long time. I have been stuck between 250-260 pounds for many years because I haven't been able to do the things I want to do so I gave up even trying. I am a bit more flexible now that my back is as fused as it will ever be. I am tired of being sedentary. Can anyone suggest exercises with minimal bending/twisting but that is fun? I used to bike ride everywhere, roller skate, jump rope. I can no long run or jump, so, I can't jump rope or do any jogging or running. I am not supposed to ride a bike anymore as I have less balance do to less flexibility. I am at a loss. I have started walk my 3 small dogs, but they enjoy it more than I do since walking can be painful at times. Am I hopeless when it comes to exercising? It seems like there are so many limitations. Is there ANYTHING that can help me? I don't have a pool or I would at least go swimming. HEEEEELLLLLP please. Thanks for reading this and any advice anyone can give me.

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