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1/10/10 2:20 P

Thank for all for the suggestions and encouragement.
This last week (well, since new years) since i knew ic could'nt exercise I've been keeping close track of my diet. This morning i weighted myself (10 days later) and i actually lost 1 whole pound! Super encouraging - but I'll be happy when i can get back to real exercise.

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1/8/10 9:16 A

SKYWATCHERRS is quite correct. it's not the exercise that keeps the weight off, it's your nutrition. If you eat right, you won't gain weight. That doesn't mean you have to starve yourself. It means you have to watch the excess treats. If you're eating healthfully, you won't gain.

Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

Listen to your doctor and don't try to do anything too early or you do risk making any injury you have worse. So, if you feel discomfort even when walking, you need more time to heal.

Take it easy and feel better soon.

1/8/10 9:15 A

I'd like to echo what SKYWATCHERRS said - consult with your health care provider before resuming vigorous exercise. You probably could start with light, no impact activity and work your way back into more vigorous exercise.

1/8/10 9:12 A

Ginny, if you watch what you're eating and stay on top of your calories you should be okay. Maybe stick to the lower part or middle of your Spark calorie range and be as active as you can if you can't exercise.

Don't push it if you don't feel ready. Give your body time to heal. You don't do yourself any good if you push yourself into getting sick or worsening your injuries.

You might even, just to put your mind at rest, consult with a doc before exercising again. Might make you feel better just to know you're A-OK.

I'm glad you and your husband weren't more seriously injured - thank goodness!

Feel better.

MORGNSGRL Posts: 465
1/8/10 8:18 A

I was unable to exercise over the holidays and even though I ate more than I've been eating, I only gained a couple of pounds. So I think if you try to focus on your eating and eating VERY healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, avoid sweets, you'll be fine even without the exercise. Ease yourself back into it slowly -- even just some walking is better than nothing. Good luck.

GINNYSG Posts: 450
1/8/10 8:09 A

My husband and i were in a car accident Christmas eve. We are banged up and bruised (and he has a small fracture in 1 vertebrae) His doctor told him he could not exercise for at least 6 weeks. And i can start when i am feeling better.

But i'm worried that not exercising will wreak havoc with my weight, even walking is tought right now.

I'm not quite sure what i can do --- anyone have a similar experience? any suggestions?

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