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Archimedes provided the perfect definition. I, too, HATE burpees. Sometimes they're called squat thrusts. Hate, hate, hate. And mountain climbers, too. No one I know climbs a mountain like that. They're actually two of the the few exercises I refuse to do if at all possible! emoticon (And I run half marathons, so I am not afraid of a little work.)

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3/9/13 8:28 P

I second the loathing of burpees! emoticon

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a burpee is the slang term for an exercise. It's a combination of a push up, squat thrust and jump.

You may be hearing more about them because they are part of a program called Crossfit. Crossfit is an intense form of exercise that is coming extremely popular.

If you'd like to see a burpee... check this out. Personally, I loathe them.

a bridge is a pose from yoga that can help strengthen your core and back muscles. One thing that has changed in fitness is that there is a greater emphasis on "core" strength type exercises. More people understand the importance of having good core strength for improved over all fitness. so now there are more exercises that strengthen the core like bridge and pushups and plank, etc...

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So I may not be new to dieting - but to exercise I most certainly am.

What in the world is a burpee? (sounds like what you do do a baby)
Or a Bridge? What ever happended to sit ups/push ups/ pull ups/ stretching walking/ running/

I know I can look all these things up on the internet -- but really help me understand

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