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12/20/12 12:22 P

Does anyone experience this? If so, how have you managed your symptoms or made progress despite it?

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and have managed to improve my fitness considerably. However, when I try to do prolonged very intense exercise, it still comes back to bite. Today I tried doing 3 rounds of a pyramid 8...1 of 25 lb kettlebell swings and burpees, but kept having to stop to get my breathing under control. My lungs just can't handle this prolonged style of high intensity training.

I've found that I can get to a high heart rate (175 on my Polar monitor) with HIIT style training, but I only get symptomatic when I try to STAY there. If I do something like max effort HIIT intervals in a 30:60 ratio, I'm OK as long as I get my breathing and heart rate back down during recovery. I usually do this on my bike or on a stationary bike at the gym when the weather is bad.

I was prescribed an inhaler to use prior to exercise and it did help, but I dislike the jitters and nervous feeling when I'm exercising. It makes me feel sloppy and out of control with my form. I found that by using the slow adaptation approach, I could get more fit without it. Prolonged high intensity is the next hurdle with me. I really don't want to put a bunch of chemicals in my body if I don't have to.

I know many athletes, especially winter athletes deal with this condition. Has anyone found training techniques to overcome it during prolonged (10 minutes or so) high intensity exercise without medication?

Please note that this condition is NOT the same as exercise induced asthma, although some people who have asthma also have EIB. I've never had an asthma attack, nor do I have asthma. I am cleared by my physician for high intensity exercise.

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