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7/13/10 11:22 A

Do you have a set of crutches ? If so, start walking on those crutches. Walking on crutches is surprizingly effective cardiovascular exercise. It's a great upper body workout too.

Swimming might be a good option too. Injured athletes will routinely hit the pool for rehab.

You could also do upper body strength exercises. If you can't stand up because of the cast, then do the exercises while sitting in a chair. Work your upper body muscles while your lower body heals.

Feel up to some one legged push ups ?

Three weeks is really not that long a period. You will not derail any of your weight loss efforts if you have to take 3 weeks off from your normal routine. As long as you are mindful of what you eat, you will not gain weight. When it comes to weight loss, nutrition trumps exercise.

So, take some walks with those crutches and do some upper body strength exercises. That'll be plenty while your ankle heals.

Once your doctor gives you the all clear, you can slowly return to your regular routine. This is really a good opportunity for you to see if you can keep the weight off without any exercise. This will tell you if your eating habits are improving.

7/13/10 11:22 A

If you can stand you could do some punches/boxing to get your heart rate up. I suppose it would work sitting down, too!

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7/13/10 11:11 A

alot of athletic trainers put people that are in a cast or have an leg injury on a stationary bike... call your doctor and ask if that would be ok to do ....

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7/13/10 11:03 A

When I have been laid up with knee or ankle injury, I still work out. First, can you swim? Do you have access to a pool, and is the injury one that can get pool water (chlorine) in the wound without infection? Do you normally swim?

Outside of that, there are many sitting exercises that can be done. A physical therapist will have ideas and there are many more on this website at sparkpeople.

There are many arm strengthening and stretching exercises that can be done both sitting and standing. The simplest is to take a can of Campbells Soup and lift it over your head until you are fatigued. (Might be boring for a strong, young man to do! )

You can lift weights, use stretchy bands, and probably do sit-ups and other core exercises. You might be able to do push-ups, but only you can determine that.

Watch Pilates and Yoga videos, and pick out what exercises in those you can do. Search Sparkpeople exercises for what you are able to do.

Do you have access to a fitness gym with weights and weight machines? If you are physically able to get there, you can easily keep busy for over an hour.

Good luck!

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7/13/10 9:06 A

I cracked a bone in my ankle last week and I'm in a walking cast for at least 3 weeks. I don't want to give up exercise completely, but I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do that doesn't involve my legs. The only thing I can think of is Pilates, but I know there's more out there than that.


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