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A cyclecomputer may work depending on the design of your exercise bike, but even then, nominal speed on an (indoor) exercise bike is not really the equivalent of outdoor cycling speed due to terrain and wind resistance.

If your objective is to estimate calories, a heart rate monitor is a better bet.

Short of buying an HRM, If you want a rough guess of calories, most people burn around 6 calories per minute of moderate exercise, and about 10 calories per minute of vigorous exercise. A fit person pushing themselves might burn 12-13 calories per minute.

If you are cycling with roughly the same intensity that you would with a brisk walk, then use the figure of 6 cal/minute. If you feel you are working out harder than that, then go with a higher figure.


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I know they make bike computers/cyclometers you can attach to your bike to track speed/mileage but I'm not sure if those work for stationary bikes or not. I think your bike would need to have a spinning wheel or some sort. It did work on my regular bike that was on a stationary trainer.

You could also look into a heart rate monitor, which wouldn't tell you speed/mileage, but it will more/most accurately help you track calorie burn.

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So I've been using this exercise bike my boyfriend's dad saved from the basement. It's pretty old, and the display that shows speed/mileage/etc doesn't work because the wires are frayed. I've been having to guess at my speed when imputting the exercise into the Fitness Tracker, is there any way I can find out how fast/far I'm actually going, so I have a rough idea how many calories I'm burning?

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