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4/13/14 1:49 P

I had an inguinal hernia, so the groin was cut, as well as the stomach, so I was out of commission for weeks.

Sounds like if it is above the belly button though, that you could do lower body training, as long as it didn't activate the core. So squats, or le presses would be out, but you could ride a bike, or do light leg extensions, or leg curls, if you have a machine that allows you to sit, and not have to lay on your stomach.

I would be very careful, and wait for it to heal properly. If you want to burn some calories, do some cycling on a machine, or on a bike. A recumbent bike should not involve the upper abdominals, so should be okay, but I would still go by feel. The torso is involved in almost anything, so if it twinges, don't do that!


Better to take 4-6 weeks off, and just pedal 20 miles a day, than re-tear the hernia. If you do use an actual bike.. don't go mountain climbing Stick to flat ground.

4/13/14 8:26 A

Bump :)

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4/10/14 8:50 A

I had the surgery done last summer around June. I pretty much took it easy last summer and yes this year I can do anything I want and have done ab crunches at Planet Fitness and riding my bicycle 50 mile stretches. The best advice is take it easy and let everything heal up as I don't thing you want to go through that surgery again. I couldn't walk the 1st 2 days and had a twinge for about 3 - 6 months after mine so I was very careful on lifting things. I really didn't exercise much last summer because of the surgery.

Good luck

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4/10/14 8:05 A

I had umbilical hernia surgery last Thursday. I had it done at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto, Canada.
I went there because they fix hernias without using mesh which I didn't want used in my body.

I had rectus femoris (separation of abdominal muscles) and an epigastric hernia above my belly button and 2 umbilical hernias in my belly button. They fixed them all and sewed my abdominal muscle back together with non dissolving stainless steel sutures.

I am not allowed to lift over 25lbs for 4 weeks. After that the doctor told me as long as the exercise doesn't hurt then I'm okay.


Has anyone else had this done? I absolutely do not want to rush my recovery, tear the stitches out and start all over with surgery.

Also I discovered a love of pull ups last year, will I be able to do them again?

Any suggestions are welcome.

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