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11/29/11 9:29 P

I have had both knees replaced but still experienced pain in the left knee. After losing some weight and exercising since joining SparkPeople in August, I thought maybe the pain was gone for good. BUT yesterday shopping in Chicago with friends DID ME IN! I was afraid to do my 10 minute pledged exercise tonight so I searched for chair exercises and found a great peppy chair aerobic exercise video. I liked it so much I did 20 minutes. Aren't the internet and SparkPeople wonderful?

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11/29/11 9:26 P

Plop the elliptical machine in front of a tv and watch a favorite won't be bored. As long as you have one that can be programed to keep you going at a good pace (as the tv can be distracting) it is just as effective as working out bored. I prefer the elliptical at the gym because it's an effective workout but since I don't like gyms I workout at home and opted for a treadmill because it can fold up (hope to eventually have a house where I can have a small home gym but that could be years down the road).

Also, walking does work; it just doesn't burn off calories as quickly as running so you have to do a lot more of it to get the same results. Ask your doc how quickly you are allowed to's possible to walk 4 or 5 mph which is past where most people start to jog.

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11/29/11 7:55 P

I have had 3 knee surgeries, have arthritis, and a torn menisucs. So I use the elliptical, arc trainer, stair master, and bike. Mix in some strength training and you're good to go

11/29/11 3:12 P

Dear Wall-E,

Do you still do strengthening exercises as part of your physio? They gave me a handout with some exercises to do at home, which have helped. I also avoid the jumping jacks and I steer away from lunges. I was doing the Spring Into Shape workout video today and I wasn't sure whether some of the positions were knee-proof for me, so I just avoided them and did sit-ups instead. I feel my knee grinding and it is definitely not worth the pain, so when in doubt I don't do it. I guess now we're going to have super developed upper bodies, huh? I am trying to be positive and focus on the things I am able to do.

I hope you feel better soon! xx


11/29/11 3:05 P


Thank you SO much for your post! You've given me hope, honest. Great job losing all that weight! Check you out and your weight loss ticker :) I thought the most I would be able to do was just walking, to be honest (and wave my arms in the air aimlessly trying to get my heart rate up while looking crazy).

I found a gym near my house that has spinning so I will give that a try this week. Hopefully, that will do the trick. And I won't have to add a snail icon to my weight loss ticker :)

Thanks again!


11/29/11 3:00 P

Dear Jen,

Thanks for replying to my message! The doc did suggest the elliptical, spinning (with very low resistance), and swimming. I will give the elliptical and the spinning a try and see what happens. I've never used the elliptical for longer than 15 minutes but will see if I can distract myself enough to add a minute every day.

In the mean time, I will focus on gradually decreasing my portion sizes and making sure that I drink enough water. Not much else to do I'm afraid. It's just VERY frustrating! :(


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11/29/11 11:58 A

I've had 3 knee surgeries in the past 6 years so I feel both of your pains.

I was never a big runner to begin with so I wasn't too upset about the idea of not being able to run all of the time.

I have a great cardio routine that I've been doing for a while now and it works great for me. I use a stationary bike. I warm up at the lowest speed for 5 minutes, Then a bike as fast as I can at a level or 2 above the lowest speed (it's different on every bike!) for 1 minute, then I move it up the hardest level possible and I get up off the seat and push through for 30 seconds in an upright position. Then I sit down again and go back down to the level I was at for a minute and I go as fast as I can again for another minute. I continue those intervals for a total of 30 minutes. You will be sweating up a storm! Sometimes I do 45 minutes. Then I'll cool down for 3-5 minutes.

It has never hurt my knee even a bit.

Good luck! Those darn knees.

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11/29/11 8:13 A

After my knee surgery last year and therapy it took a long time and in small dribs & drabs to where I am now.

I started off with the resistance tubing very very slowly.
I used this band and incorporated the exercises from my therapy at home.

Slowly, I started using the elliptical trainer. Started off with about 3 minutes, then increased to 5, then 7 etc. Depending on how my knee felt that day.

I started to walk up the street very slowly since I could not walk to work which is a 20 min. walk for me.

Eventually, I was walking, had to force myself since taking a taxi to work for a couple of months was the only way to get to work.

What exercises I do not do are lunges & jumping jacks. Sadly, I gave my leg magic away as the motion of going sideways was too strenuous for my knee and not worth the pain.

Eventually, I had to go back to the specialist and get a cortosone shot which, so far, has been good for me, except, I still have the occasional bad day.

Now, I still have the same issue developing with my right knee. I hear it grinding. The only good thing is that the cartlidge has not snapped off while sleeping. emoticon

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11/29/11 6:59 A

The good news is that when it comes to weight loss, the majority of it is going to depend on diet, not exercise. So you can still continue to lose weight through diet alone, although starving yourself isn't going to help you lose- it's likely to make it more difficult.

If you set your calories burned goal to zero, you'll get a recommended calorie range based on no exercise. Did your doc give you any suggestions for other activities you can try? What about swimming or the elliptical?

Coach Jen

11/29/11 6:46 A

Argh I have just been diagnosed with a medium meniscus injury; not quite a tear not quite well either. I just finished my physio sessions and I am back to working out. My doctor told me not to run...which kills me. That was the ONLY way that my weight was coming off. Now I just think that whatever activity I do is just pointless. I "walk" for 30 minutes everyday which I think is absolutely lame...I don't think walking works, but whatever. Any suggestions? I have started starving myself but the scale won't move either. Any word of advice??


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