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2/24/14 11:09 A

Good for you! that's what will make the difference in this journey. Only you can tell if your back is going to let you exercise, but the fact that you decided to test it and found it was OK, is a good thing! Keep that Spark burning!

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2/24/14 10:44 A

Hurray for that little voice in your head saying, "get up, get moving...get up, Get Moving!"!!
I hope that it never stops talking. LOL

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2/24/14 7:56 A

emoticon RK!

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2/23/14 3:36 P

Yesterday I skipped my normal walking or aerobics because I had helped unload boxes and sort fruit/veggies at our local produce co-op...lots of exercise there let me tell ya!
So today my back and legs hurt because of it... And I tweaked my back carrying a heavy box. I debate on sitting out today and forgoing the exercise, because of the pain, but I couldn't stop that little voice in my head saying, "get up, get moving...get up, Get Moving!"
So I did! I did a little less aerobics mind you, but I Did do some step aerobics, as wrell as wall pushups and crunches(more than usual...surprisingly!). I have to say, I am so glad I listened to the inner voice. My back and legs even feel better now! Yay!

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