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Welcome! emoticon

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8/5/12 6:23 P


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8/5/12 3:14 P

emoticon emoticon

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8/5/12 3:08 P

emoticon to SparkPeople!!

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8/5/12 2:20 P

I welcome you too and agree with Lotus...join some teams and be as active as you can on the site...I found writing blogs a very helpful thing for me when I got to those times that I found myself struggling...making those blogs public really helped me to find the most wonderful friends too. Finally, remember that the scale is just one measure of success...I highly recommend picking an item in your know the one I mean...that pair of pants that are indecently tight or the dress you really want to rock...try it on...don't be too hard on yourself for how it fits or doesn't...but make note and when the scale starts to be stubborn, try the item on again...note how it is getting looser in some areas and how much more toned parts of your body are becoming...that saved me from frustration when the scale just wouldn't budge! zipping up those pants....well that was better than any number on the scale anyway!

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8/5/12 1:56 P

Welcome! This site has some good resources re breaking through plateaus as well, so along with the nutrition tracker and making small changes at a time, I think you can stick with it! I would also recommend joining some spark teams to keep you going- I know there are some for people with type II diabetes if that's one area that may interest you. You can search for spark teams under the community tab. I wish you the best of luck with your lifestyle change!

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8/5/12 1:18 P

Hi friendly SP. I learned about your site from a co-worker and was curious to see what her excitement was all about.
I have type 2 diabetes and was told by my doc that if I lose 10% of my weight that I could be on my way to being med free. I am!!!!!
I have been a yo yo dieter and have had had great success - however I will get to a certain weight and reach the plateau and although I am working hard I can go for weeks and not lose an ounce. Of course the frustration sets in and I go back to old eating habits and am back to square one again. To my dismay this year alone it has happened twice and I don't want to give up anymore. I look forward to. Making new friends and getting great support as well as giving it.

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