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10/21/13 6:48 A

Excess skin is a difficult thing to cope with.when I was 18 I went from 22 stone to 7 stone 5 very quickly through exercise and diet.I am heavier now but a healthy weight and have come to realise no amount of exercise will rid me of this is part of should be proud of the massive achievement you have made in making yourself a healthier person.

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2/10/13 10:04 P

Please, DO NOT allow ANYONE to cause you to suffer in this way. That he made fun of it and the stretch marks, and therefore of you, shows that he was VERY rude, VERY uncaring and totally out of order. Use it at your badge of honour - o.k., you WERE overweight, but that is in the past because you have recognized this fact and done something about it. Be proud of what and who you are!!! You need to remember, NOBODY is perfect -INCLUDING HIM!

BIG hugs,

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2/10/13 9:15 P

I guess the reason for the excessive skin is because I did lose all the weight very quickly. I didn't know anything about proper exercise or nutrition, so I didn't know what I was doing at first. I guess the reason I feel so bad about it is because an ex fling (I won't even call him a boyfriend) made fun of the skin and the stretch marks. His opinion really shouldn't matter though.

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2/10/13 7:00 A

I haven't reached my goal weight yet, but I've certainly lost quite a bit. I too worry about it, but I'm only 26, so I'm hoping that my skin will snap back for the most part. Even if it doesn't, there are surgeries to help in the removal of it.
I do worry about having a lot of it, but my weight loss has been so slow (I've only lost 86 pounds in the last 4 years) so I'm hoping that loose skin won't be too much of a problem.
Counseling helps also with body image issues and self acceptance.

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2/10/13 12:42 A

Sometimes if the weight-loss is quite a bit, and/or very quick, it will leave a lot of loose skin. At times some of these people resort to having that excess removed surgically.

I strongly suggest that you DO NOT compare yourself to others. There is no 'normal' in that sense - everyone is different. It could also be that you are focusing on their good points, but focusing on your negative points. In other words, it may be more in your mind that in reality.

If you are concerned, I suggest that you talk with your Dr. It might be that therapy will help you through the emotional side, and your Dr will be able to refer you to one, but your Dr may also be able to give you qualified, constructive advice on the physical side.

I also have some loose skin, but it doesn't worry me. I kinda look on it as a 'badge of honour.' What I have done is to get a couple pair of the 'body control' garments - one is like a tube that goes from just below the bra to the top of the thigh. There are many other types out there as well. It smooths my abdominal area and helps improve the look of the clothes on me. It also enables me to properly fit into some clothes that are borderline too small. Is something like this appropriate for you?


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2/9/13 10:26 P

MORGAINE311 I know how you feel. I'm 51 and still worry that as I continue to lose the saggy skin is only going to get worse. I tried to tell myself that I could hid it under my clothes better than I can all this fat, but that doesn't help when you look in the mirror or feel sorry for your husband for having to look at it. I'm not sure where my mind set will be when I get closer to my goal weight, but in the back of my mind I am think surgery to remove excess skin and probably a tummy tuck if I am going to go to that extent anyway.

You can't compare yourself to others you can only decide what is right for you. If I do the surgery, it will be for me not so that I can look like someone else. Good Luck!

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2/9/13 8:38 P

Has anyone else been left with loose, extra skin after weight loss? I keep hearing that it will bounce back if you're young, but I was 24 when I reached my goal weight and it never did. I'm losing motivation to continue working out because I keep comparing myself to the pictures in the health and fitness magazines, and even some here on spark people. And these aren't all celebrities with personal trainers either, they are real women with jobs and children who have lost a lot of weight and look great in a bikini. I know I shouldn't be so shallow. It would help me to feel better if there were other people out there who had been through the same thing.

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