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PAMDAQTPI Posts: 605
2/1/13 9:17 A

Thanks for the replies guys. My ticker takes me from 198.8lbs to 170lbs. My first goal is to get to an "overweight" BMI. So no, it doesn't show my entire weight loss goal. After that I want to drop down to losing 1 lb a week until I hit the healthy range/my ideal weight (135-140)

I lost 4.6 lbs the first week, it was water weight not fat loss. I had a baby 8 months ago so I haven't been carrying this weight long. 172 was my preconception weight so that's probably a factor in it coming off easily. Since then it's been between 2-3 lbs a week.

I am fairly young (or my idea of fairly young), I'm 26. I've had 3 kids so I know the tummy area may take longer because it's been stretched out more than the rest.

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2/1/13 7:47 A

It's mostly genetics and age. You look pretty young, if you don't mind me assuming. ;) So you probably have a pretty good chance of bouncing back. You also don't have too much to lose so you have that working for you as well. What I would recommend (as hard as it may be) is to slow down on the weight loss. Slow weight loss helps combat loose skin because your skin has time to adapt. How long you've been carrying this extra weight is another factor.

I have a ton of loose skin in my belly because of a few factors I imagine; two pregnancies where my weight soared from 115 lbs- 180 lbs in 9 months. I got down to 130 lbs after my first pregnancy and then soared back up to 180 lbs in my second. It dropped to 150 lbs and then up to 160 lbs post pregnancy in 2 years before I got serious about weight loss. Then I lost quickly. I've lost close to 50 lbs in 7 months. I'm also in my 30's now so I imagine my skin is not as elastic as it was in my 20's. And I don't think I have good skin elasticity in my genes.

At any rate, they say it takes up to 2 years to reach the elasticity it will remain at after weight loss. I know I will always have a bit of loose skin in my belly, especially around my incision. I don't exactly have high hopes for it. Just something I have to come to terms with, I still hold a little hope some of the elasticity will return. Hopefully enough that I can get away with wearing a high rise bikini or boy shorts. ;)

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WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
2/1/13 7:10 A

When I had lost 60 pounds after my last son was born, I had loose skin but from pregnancies, everywhere else was fine I do cardio, strength training, yoga and pilates to really give my body a full body workout.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/1/13 3:40 A

When I lost 100 lbs, I didn't have any loose or excess skin -- probably for 3 reasons: I lost it slowly; I did a lot of weight lifting; and I was just lucky.

You can't control luck but you can lose slowly and do a lot of weight lifting and that should help.

I once wrote a blog post about it on here because I got so many questions about this topic. I think I also said to use sunscreen, stay hydrated, and lose weight at a young age (i.e., don't put it off) -- those were all things I did that may have helped.

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2/1/13 1:28 A

From personal experience, it goes in waves... I'll lose some, it'll get all flabby and jiggly, then I'll shower one day and... "where'd it go?". Not exactly toned but its slowly retracting ^_^ ; only place that seems stuck is my lower belly... but I think its just slower to catch up.
Like others have said, it depends on your skin's predisposition and maybe you are losing a bit fast...
I hope it retracts for you!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/31/13 9:43 P

Is your ticker showing only a partial goal?

I ask because 3lbs/week is an exceptionally fast rate for anyone, and if you're not morbidly obese you're probably actually doing yourself some long term harm if your ticker indicates all of the weight you have left to lose.

If that is your entire goal, you should be losing at about half a pound a week - or 4 pounds a month, not nearly 13.

Lose skin is generally a result of losing too fast. Slow it down. :) Slow and steady is not only usually easier to adapt to maintenance from and easier to maintain for life, but it has less likelihood of having any saggy skin issues.

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1/31/13 9:34 P


Genetics and the rate at which one loses are two factors that can determine how your skin rebounds after weight loss. But age and time one spent being over weight should also be factored in. That being said, it may take some time for your skin to rebound.

Below is a link to the Ask the Experts response to this concern.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

LARKUN7701 Posts: 25
1/31/13 8:45 P

Anything that increase blood flow and turn over of older skin cells should assist in this. But time will really be your best friend here. I've found that using an exfoliating scrub and spending some time in the sauna helps with skin health. Regularly doing both of those has both improved the tightness of my skin and made stretch marks less visible.

PAMDAQTPI Posts: 605
1/31/13 8:27 P

I've lost 12.8 lbs and 8.5 inches in the last month and feel incredible!

But I can see my skin is not as tight as it could be in some areas. A great reminder that I lost the weight but I'd rather have it tighten and firm up a bit while I'm losing the weight so I have less to worry about when I do get down to my ideal weight. A friend of mine lost over 130lbs and is going through a big depression now because of the excess skin so I'd really like to deal with it as I go.

I've heard a good collagen lotion can help but I don't want to aimlessly shop, what have you guys used with success?

Any other tips?

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