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6/16/14 5:10 P

You rock! I love your upbeat attitude and outlook. And, while I enjoy stopping and looking at tattoos, I am a needle coward. So... But thank you. I guess I am okay with having the skin if it means that I can continue to feel healthy. Kudos and great job on the weight loss! I am now officially inspired!


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6/16/14 3:54 P

After losing 135 pounds, I can tell you that I have some excess skin. It isn't as horrible as I thought it would be though. It does bother me when I workout - especially when we are running and doing things that involve jumping, so I wear high waisted SPANX power panties under my workout clothes.

Trust me, I thought at 125 pounds it would be all Daisy Duke shorts and Bikinis... lol - it isn't, but it isn't too bad either.

I do a lot of strength and cardio exercise, and I am proud to say that under that loose skin, I have a KILLER six pack, but... you can't see it. It doesn't bother me though.

To camouflage the skin on my upper arms, I choose to tattoo them with bright and pretty tattoos. Of course, that isn't for everyone, but I like it, and people aren't noticing my loose skin when the only thing they can see are pretty, bright colors.

In the end, you find ways to deal with it. I can tell you it is a lot better to have some loose skin and be healthy than it ever was to be overweight and feeling like ick all of the time

6/15/14 10:48 P

i can guarantee i'm going slowly! lol! i am most definitely going to get the blood tests done though. thank you for the input.

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6/15/14 9:59 P

This is one of the many reasons why slower weight loss - 1-2 pounds per week at most, and slower as you get closer to healthy weight - is ideal. It gives your body time to adjust, and that includes allowing the natural process of skin regeneration take place and ideally keep up with the lost poundage that needs to be covered. Keep your skin hydrated, and let a bit of time pass. Your body will naturally tighten up as much as age and genetics allow. And 40 is not too old. Depending on how old your youngest child is, you might have some help there as well from the hormones. Some say vitamins C and E help promote skin elasticity, but I haven't found anything more than wive's tales and people repeating those wive's tales in article form. If you give it a go, beware of vitamin overdoses; vitamin E is not required on food labels but you probably get enough if you eat reasonably healthy so get tested before taking supplements.

I do know someone that got tummy tucks and the like covered by insurance. She lost over 200 pounds and had significant excess skin to the point that it folded over in a few places. She kept getting infections. I think cleaniness can avoid that and would not recommend trying to replicate it, but there's that.

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6/15/14 5:41 P

thankyou! i do a miniml amount of strength training and would certainly be open to more. i'll keep chugging along!

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6/15/14 4:07 P

Your doctor is correct. There are no exercises that can help shrink a person's skin.

However, that doesn't mean that exercise won't make a difference. Are you doing any strength training ? If not, I'm going to encourage you to start. Strength training will help add lean muscle. Having lean muscle will give your body definition. Could it help tighten skin ? no, it won't.


If you have strong biceps. No one will care if you have any sagging skin. They'll just be in awe of your amazing guns !

The point is that if you add lean muscle, that will give you a bit more self confidence. Ask any member who started strength training how they felt once they realized they could lift X weight or do Y push ups. We'll all tell you, we felt pretty great about our body's accomplishments in spite of having any excess skin.

Still, if your excess skin is causing discomfort, a medical reason for removal should be covered by your medical insurance. Like I said earlier, it doesn't hurt to ask. Don't be afraid to start strength training. You won't look like a body builder if you do. Adding some lean muscle will give you some definition, which in turn will minimize the look of the excess skin.

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6/14/14 5:30 P

I asked if there was anything that could be done naturally like certain exercises and such and she just said nope, surgery is your only option. I will lose a bit more and then reapproach her. Thank you for the advice! emoticon

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6/14/14 4:44 P


Have you talked to your doctor ? If not, you should start there.

While it is true that most cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance, some are. Breast reduction surgery would be covered if having it solved a woman's back problems. If your skin is causing medical problems for you, removing it could be covered too.

That's something you should discuss with your doctor. It doesn't hurt to ask.

6/14/14 4:40 P

Thank you. Everyone is so kind on here and encouraging.


6/14/14 4:38 P

Thank you so very much for the encouraging words and the info on IndyGirl. I will most certainly read it. Being forty and having had five kids I don't think my body will be 'popping' anywhere! lol!
I was at 310 pounds and am only down to 234 now. I know, not only, but this is a day where the goal seems far reaching. But I know it will happen. The skin is already hindering and while I cannot afford surgery, I am thinking the healthier lifestyle will have to do for now!


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6/14/14 4:11 P


Don't give up hope entirely. When it comes to excess skin popping back that depends on a bunch of different factors. Age and genetics play important roles. The younger you are, the more elastic your skin. So, if you're still young, say under 30, there is a good chance some excess skin could pop back. Will it all pop back ? Probably not. When I lost weight, some of my skin popped back and some didn't. Could I get a tummy tuck ? Sure, it's an option. but for now, the sagging skin I have doesn't bother me.

I know that you're concerned, but let's see how your body adapts to the new routine of healthy eating and regular exercise. Give your body time to adapt to any change before you start worrying.

Also, if you're interested in talking to a member who has had cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin, you should talk to INDYGIRL. at her highest weight, she weighed 460+ pounds, two years later, she's lost half that weight. You should read some of her blogs on the surgery.

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6/14/14 4:05 P

Unfortunately, they really are right. Skin is affected most deeply by genetics, speed of weight loss, and hydration. There's no exercises you can do, no food you can eat. You mostly just have to hope and pray, and if it ends up being worse than you hope? Get surgery.

And know that having too much skin is better than having too much fat. :)

6/14/14 1:15 P

You should read this book called 'veggies not included' by christine leo. She talks about how it feels to deal with it and the mental leap it takes. Thank you.

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6/14/14 12:29 P

This is a huge issue for me - my poor tummy, thighs and upper arms are an absolute nightmare.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good news to share on the subject - keep your skin hydrated, minimize exposure to the sun, and there will probably be some tightening of the skin. Work muscle groups in the area to help "fill out" the space. But, sadly, the only way to completely be rid of loose skin is via surgery.

6/14/14 9:56 A

I was wondering if there are any people out there who are struggling with the excess skin after weight loss. I would welcome any ideas as this is an issue for me and every one from my doctor to weight loss programs say the only way to get rid of it is through surgery. This can't be the only way and I am slightly disturbed that the answer is only a concrete no.

Help! emoticon

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