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Just want to point out that hunger is determined by blood sugar. As you reach 130, the body produces Insulin, which drops the blood sugar. You feel full at 130, but overeating causes a large Insulin release, and the blood sugars plummet. When it drops to 70, you get hungry. This all happens without you thinking about it.

The goal should be to keep it in the 90-110 range, not skip meals, and then eat a lot at 1 sitting. Your body cannot use the blood sugar from a large meal. It stores the excess as body fat. Avoiding the top and bottom, keeps you from being ravenous, or bloated. Many times not eating is the cause of overeating later. It is not a good idea to save up calories, and use them later. Usually by then we are very hungry, and eat more than we " saved " earlier.

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6/30/13 12:57 P

One technique I find helpful, to maybe save up calories during the day for a little splurge in the evening, is putting everything in the tracker in the morning, or the evening before. That way, when you pass on the morning snack, you are looking forward to that piece of apple cake you already plan to have after dinner.

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6/30/13 10:38 A

It kind of depends on how much you exceed it by, no?

Lets say you eat 300 extra calories on 2 days.. that's 600 / 7 days, which is 85 calories a day extra. To lose a lb, you need to be 500 calories under your BMR daily, so you would now be 415 under, and still lose weight. You may temporarily gain, but over time, you will still be losing about .83 lbs a week, instead of 1 lb a week.

If you eat 3500 more a week, you wont lose anything. You can do that in a single binge. Try to make any cheats as small as possible, and as few as possible. Most importantly don't get depressed over 300 extra calories, and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry'

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6/30/13 10:29 A

How many times per week can you exceed your calorie limit and still lose weight?

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