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2/12/10 1:02 P

Like others have said, I'm pretty sure that "half a chicken breast" is one side of the breastbone, so that each chicken has "one breast". Most of my cookbooks just call each side a "breast," so I hadn't actually run into that until I started using SP. What I did to try to make sure was check the nutritional data for "half a chicken breast" against the nutritional data for a normal sized chicken breast, and found them to be quite similar, so I'm pretty sure that's how SP uses the term.

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2/12/10 11:35 A

Clearly here in the UK, the supermarket Tesco (as well as the others) don't know either.
Imagine the scene.....................................
Romantice dinner for two which involves chicken breasts.
Open the packet containing 2 of these partially hidden under the labelling stuck to the see through "window" of the carton, and what do we find?
One chicken breast 350 grams and the other 150 grams! Why????? Who's going to draw the short straw and have the tiny one? You wouldn't get it in a restaurant would you?
500 grams for 2 chicken breasts surely means 250 grams a piece doesn't it? If they came from the same bird surely? Or did the bird walk around the farmyard ( I only buy free range not battery so can go for a wander)) lopsided because one side weighed more than the other???
I accept that when the factory packers pack, they won't find two breasts from the same bird and that 270 grams for one 230 for the other is just about acceptable but, as I find there is usually a vast difference between the two!
So I can understand the point of the question "what is half a chicken breast"
It clearly is in the eye of the person serving/preparing/packing.

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2/12/10 10:43 A

I think, actually, when a recipe from a professional cookbook calls for a half chicken breast, it means just one side of the chicken breast, like the original poster said. However, it is a bit confusing and I would guess that shared recipes may have it either way, so it's best to check their detailed ingredients list.

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2/12/10 8:10 A

This is when a kitchen scale comes in handy.I weigh most meat portions,chicken, burgers, meat loaf etc.I even use it to measure out potato chips.

2/11/10 1:42 P

I was wondering this same thing. I have just used about 3 - 4 ounces as a guide. My husband said "I would buy really big chicken breasts" emoticon

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2/11/10 1:03 P

I don't think your question is crazy at all! It takes time and effort to learn to cook, and there are many variables! Then you throw in trying to watch your nutrition, and it can seem really complicated!

I guess I would interpret one breast as being on one side of the breastbone, most of the time.

For specific recipes, there is a link in the nutrition panel for the "Full nutritional breakdown", which sometimes (depending upon how the member entered the recipe) specifically states how many ounces of meat per serving.

You could always ask in the comments about specific recipes if it is not otherwise stated.

Just to make things even more complicated, every time I weigh one breast at home (meaning, one side of what's on the breastbone), I will get a different number of ounces of meat. I try to remember that a reasonable portion size is about 4 ounces and adjust the recipe if necessary.

I'm really glad the nutrition tracker has specific measurements! I hope this helps a little bit.

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2/11/10 8:39 A

I must admit that I am not a very good cook but I do try. One thing that puzzles me is when a recipe asks for half a chicken breast. My way of thinking is that a chicken only has one breast - and that is the whole thing on both sides of the breast bone. So, is a half a chicken breast one of the sides or is it a half of one of the sides - so that, actually, a chicken would have 4 half breasts. I know this sounds a little crazy but if someone could explain this it would make my cooking life a lot easier.

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