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CMOTTER Posts: 63
5/26/11 6:20 A

Thank you for your message. It was very encouraging and helpful.

JOMAMA Posts: 11,242
5/26/11 6:15 A

emoticon emoticon

SEAWAVE Posts: 1,421
5/26/11 6:15 A

I do this too! I call it my stealth exercise LOL! There are actually quite a few exercises you can sneak in when you go to the washroom. In my case, I also go up or down stairs and use the washroom on another floor. It didn't take long for me to feel a difference in my stamina, although the weight is more stubborn!

TEGANJNW87 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (48,260)
Posts: 464
5/26/11 6:07 A

Keep going! emoticon

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
5/26/11 6:07 A

You keep on moving and I totally get where you are going. I started doing weight lifting for 15 minutes every morning and noticed I was sitting up straighter and feel so much better. Now I am walking 35 minutes every morning on the treadmill and my hip has unlocked and I am moving better too. So you need to do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Congratulations and keep fighting the good fight.

YVY0503 Posts: 2
5/26/11 6:04 A


I'm proud of you!!!!

FLYCHRISTI SparkPoints: (30,188)
Fitness Minutes: (36,565)
Posts: 2,370
5/26/11 6:02 A

I am doing just the same and I dont mind if people thinks I am nuts!!!! I have decided to make a gift to myself - my birthday is on May 29- and this gift is my health and by old activities, put aside for the moment due to obesity. emoticon emoticon

VICKIET3 Posts: 1
5/26/11 6:01 A

You are doing a wonderful job. Keep the good work up. They always say to get results you just have to be consistent and persistent and believe in yourself.

MARYCK1 SparkPoints: (32,398)
Fitness Minutes: (29,050)
Posts: 963
5/26/11 5:58 A

Thanks for sharing with us all! Consistency is definitely the key!

GLIMMER8 Posts: 732
5/26/11 5:57 A

Thank you for posting this, I am just beginning to learn that these snatches of exercise will make a difference. Leaving the mindset of 'if I can't do at least 30min why bother' is hard, but it's posts like yours that will help people to get there. Thanks again for the inspiration and good luck on your journey.

GRATEFULBOB Posts: 2,756
5/26/11 5:55 A

emoticon emoticon

COOKI56 Posts: 1,646
5/26/11 5:53 A

emoticon emoticon Thank you for sharing this encouragement!

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
5/26/11 5:48 A

I am right there with you and have been doing the same thing the past month.

I am now where I want to be, so am maintaining, but had a few weeks of weddings, etc and put on 5 pounds, so I added more steps to my work day and did 50-75 jumping jacks on my bathroom breaks and it took 2 1/2 weeks to get that 5 pounds right back off and put me in a whole new frame of mind on 'cheating'.
Thank you for sharing!

A_LECLAIR SparkPoints: (6,621)
Fitness Minutes: (9,524)
Posts: 14
5/26/11 5:45 A

You are right and I hope you keep that motivation!

5/26/11 5:41 A

Onwards and downwards. Happy dieting. emoticon

5/26/11 5:40 A

Good for you! I was just sitting here thinking about putting off my Pilates but your post has inspired me. Just going to do it. Thanks

GRACE2GRACE SparkPoints: (32,370)
Fitness Minutes: (33,237)
Posts: 3,027
5/26/11 5:37 A

Those little spurts of exercise do all add up, plus they keep exercise in the forefront of your mind. Great Job and Great Post. Thanks for the reminder.

SIMPLYAMIT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (65)
Posts: 83
5/26/11 5:33 A

great !!

WANDAVDM1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (25)
Posts: 10
5/26/11 5:15 A

Very inspiring and thank you for all the tips! It will fit into my day perfectly. Keep up your positive attitude.

Have a great day.

PETITFLOUR SparkPoints: (42,571)
Fitness Minutes: (74,878)
Posts: 711
5/26/11 4:57 A

Thanks for sharing and good luck on your way.

BELLR007 Posts: 26
5/26/11 4:31 A

I have to give you credit on your dedication to getting exercise into your day. Your consistency is what really amazes me. I get into exercising with zeal and dedication, but when something disturbes my routine -- it could be something like missing my usual lunch hour because I had to finish a project that was time sensitive. Once I miss a workout here and there I start getting into the bad habit of losing my motivation, and pretty soon I'm not getting the exercise. So how do you stay consistant even when your schedule is interrupted? Do you work around your usual routine, and fit the exercise in when you can do it? I make it a point to walk my dog when I get home even if I work late and have dinner to make. I also do wall pushups in the shower every day. I increase the reps in proportion to the additional days on the calendar. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


JARTHUR413 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,974)
Posts: 7
5/26/11 4:28 A

Great Job. Keep up the good work. Let me also suggest dropping a little note in the suggestion box encouraging your employer to start a fitness program. Many companies are doing this now. Before you ask, however, I suggest you get your recommendations together. If you aren't prepared, you could easily lose the chance. Think/list all the benefits to the company (reduced health insurance cost, reduced sick days, reduced turnover, increased morale and productivity). Quantify as many of these as you can. Also think about what you want to ask for and how it can be administered. A couple hours a week for independent exercise is a nice start. Pick a good person to present the idea. A young up and coming employee can benefit from the exposure and stands a better chance of winning. If you'd like more help with a plan like this, let me know.

DCONN3114 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,230)
Posts: 40
5/26/11 4:24 A

I'm so glad to hear it makes a difference - helps to remember that it will work. Thanks! emoticon

JENNYBAKER247 Posts: 2,624
5/26/11 4:14 A

Fantastic advice! I love it. Finding a whole lot of time is difficult when you spend most of the day commuting and at your desk. Well done. Thanks for the tip. emoticon

5/26/11 4:10 A

Fabulous! .. Glad to find others who do & feel the same.
My saying lately is.. SLOW & STEADY WINS THE RACE.

Keep it up!.. I squeeze my Gluteus when sitting at my desk & do calf raises when on the phone. SO yeah.. even while working, get the heart pumping & blood flowing which increases productivity at work too.

7WORSHIPS Posts: 3,262
5/26/11 4:02 A

emoticon You are so right about every little bit helping. After suffering a physical set back, I struggled just to get in the 15 minutes a day, but through perseverance I am now averagaing at least 30 to 60 minutes most days, and I am feeling stronger each day.

JKIRBY7 SparkPoints: (2,881)
Fitness Minutes: (3,260)
Posts: 53
5/26/11 3:59 A

Thanks for the inspiration emoticon

TRUELYMI Posts: 184
5/26/11 3:59 A

Yesterday I thought about that - adding little things and being consistent... Even though I know better I am that all or nothing person and end up at the same place where I started weeks before ;) So thanks, your post came to the right time ;)

Keep on moving!

Cheers, Mi

4MEANDK Posts: 24
5/26/11 3:52 A

Bravo it made me aware again I MUST give up this all or nothing stuff !

STEPHHAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (323)
Posts: 6
5/26/11 3:36 A

Great attitude! I can't go for more than 10 mins at a time, so do a few a day instead of one big workout, easier on my poor old knees, I don't get uncomfortable, but even in 3 days I have found that its getting easier to do and I am actually beginning to enjoy it! First weigh in is Sunday morning, we will see what we will see. At least I know I am trying.

MAGGIELOU59 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (260)
Posts: 14
5/26/11 3:31 A

Great job!! Reading your message and those of others, I'm reminded of the childhood story of the Hare and The Tortoise! Life is all about the big things, fast pace, doing lots, being the best etc. etc.........That's like the Hare - he was fast! However, good old tortoise ran (walked!!) the race slowly, bit by bit, one small step at a time - and he WON!!! Here's to all the winners, making the most of every little opportunity and heading towards the finishing (beginning?!) line. emoticon

SASSENACH8 Posts: 15
5/26/11 3:29 A

Thanks for sharing, that has really motivated me.

LANA22 Posts: 7
5/26/11 3:29 A

i love the idea of doing some exercise in the ladies - the thought brought laughter to my heart and tears to my eyes imagine opening the door and seeing someone doing squats! - just a lot of fun and the more you laugh the more you jiggle off the jiggly bits.
good for you and you never know some one in the office might just be inspired to join in!

LIBBYFITZ SparkPoints: (46,148)
Fitness Minutes: (31,827)
Posts: 2,069
5/26/11 3:21 A

Well done on remebering to do thses short bursts of exercise! I need to get my head around this concept as i tend to be an all or nothing person, if I can't get in an hours walk then I do nothing. I do have bursts of doing something but am not consistent!Well done! emoticon

LORILORI9 SparkPoints: (3,081)
Fitness Minutes: (3,118)
Posts: 30
5/26/11 3:10 A

Way to go! Keep up the good work! I try to take the stairs at work as much as possible... it is not a lot of exercise, but you are right, every little bit counts. Good luck!

BLUEJEAN99 Posts: 5,050
5/26/11 2:58 A


SROBERTS82 Posts: 306
5/26/11 2:33 A

Right on! I agree, a little bit is better than nothing at all!

RORYINDE Posts: 50
5/26/11 2:30 A

Good for you!

NIAGCHRIS246 SparkPoints: (14,004)
Fitness Minutes: (2,090)
Posts: 2,795
5/26/11 1:53 A

Thank you. This was a real eye opener! emoticon

CANDYLAND118 Posts: 2
5/26/11 1:50 A

great job. i do alot of that at work also. I'm a cashier so I'm on my feet all day. its easy to do squats twists or other simple exercises while standing behind the cash stand.

ALFERRIS Posts: 21
5/26/11 1:50 A

Totally with you! I do squats and calf raises while I brush my teeth. Sometimes I do counter push ups while waiting for my water to heat in the microwave. I travel a lot, so these little "multitaskers" are sometimes the only activity I can do in my hotel room before a day's worth of meetings!

Thanks for the post! emoticon

CHAIKEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (450)
Posts: 4
5/26/11 1:31 A


ANDERSO2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 667
5/26/11 1:29 A

thanks. I needed that! I'm going to start on my 10 min./day again tomrorow. I am going to a pulmonary rehab exercises 3 times a week but doing something on Tues. and Thursday will help me too plus on the weekend. You've been my newest inspiration. thanks.

SMARGED SparkPoints: (86,240)
Fitness Minutes: (46,103)
Posts: 3,139
5/26/11 1:18 A


Thanks for sharing! You're doing great! I've had to learn to do short blocks of exercise when I don't have time for 30 minutes, or just don't feel up to it. In the beginning, I felt like you - that it wasn't worth it. But I have discovered that a little is much better than nothing!

Now I have to start slipping in other little bits like you do!!

VCOLEMAN21 SparkPoints: (1,715)
Fitness Minutes: (1,793)
Posts: 18
5/26/11 1:03 A

Wow. This is a total encouragement to me. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to do just what you've done. Thanks again.

GDY2SHUZ Posts: 19,519
5/26/11 12:49 A

emoticon emoticon

LADYHAWK2K1 Posts: 228
5/6/11 10:55 A

Good for you! I do most of my cardio in 30 or 60 minute blocks, but there are days when I just can't do that. On those days, I try to get at least one or two 15-minute blocks in - enough to start feeling it, but not enough to get disgustingly sweaty if I'm at work.

BTLSMUM SparkPoints: (40,106)
Fitness Minutes: (21,699)
Posts: 490
5/6/11 9:49 A

I have to keep telling myself the same thing. I am very all or nothing, so if I can't give working out at least an hour I tend to say "why bother". I've been doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred on my "off" days (when I don't have derby or my new workout class) and I have seen some changes. That reinforces that even 25 mins does *something*. Maybe it's not as good as 60 mins, but it's better than 0.

IMAREADY1 Posts: 186
5/6/11 9:38 A

Great message and very inspiring. Keep it up!

ROSETYLER77 SparkPoints: (5,297)
Fitness Minutes: (5,146)
Posts: 8
5/6/11 9:36 A

I know this isn't a new message - it's all over SparkPeople that if you can just get in your ten minutes here and ten minutes there, that it will make a difference. Thing is, at first it doesn't feel like it. You don't really work up a sweat in ten minutes, you may not get to that sore-muscle place we all associate with getting a good workout, and when you plug ten minutes of walking into the fitness calculator and find out you only burned 50 calories, you think, "What good does 50 calories do me?"

But I have recently come to learn that every little bit does in fact help and it does make a difference in the long run.

Back in January, I was working on a play way out in the suburbs, so my schedule was something like leave the house at 7am to go to work, work until 4:30, drive an hour and a half to rehearsal, rehearse until 11pm, drive an hour and a a half home, sleep, get up at 6:30 and start it all over again. Where was I supposed to fit in a workout? I can't workout while driving - that's dangerous. And it would be distracting to everyone else in the play if I was jogging in the back of the theater while they were trying to work. So I decided the only way I could fit in some sort of physical activity was to do it at work. When I went to the ladies room, before using the facilities, I would do some wide-leg squats, lunges, wall pushups, or leg abductions. Just one set of 15 at a time so the additional time spent away from my desk was minimal, but I still felt like I was doing something. I gradually started adding more reps and exercises to my repertoire, rotating through upper and lower body exercises, but still keeping the workouts short so I don't get sweaty at work and I'm not taking tons of huge breaks throughout the day. And in the past week, since I have a couple of big acting projects in the works, I have started power walking on my lunch break, too. I get an hour break, so I walk for 30 minutes and then come back and eat my lunch. I've even started doing things like fitting in a set of calf raises while standing in line at the grocery store. Do people think I'm nuts? Probably. But I'm not going to see them again any time soon, so what difference does that make? I'm doing this for me.

And I can see the difference. Yes, I have had to be consistent for four months now, but I can see the difference, especially in the hip, thigh, butt area. They actually have some shape now instead of being a sort of gelatinous mass. I was walking down the street yesterday, for the first time in a LONG time not concerned with the size of my rear end. Yes, it is large. But it is a nice shape now that I'm not so embarrassed of. I guess the best way I can put it is that I'm getting to a place where I look really good in clothes. If I keep this up, hopefully I'll get to a place where I look good out of them, too. emoticon

So keep it up, guys. Even if you start with just ten squats a day, if you stick with it, you will see results.

Keep it up! emoticon

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