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12/5/09 12:18 P


Thanks for the great post. With the exception of this forum, the majority of posters on SparkPeople are women. In fact the majority of my SparkFriends are women.

IMHO women just naturally seek out support from other people. Most guys really don't. This is likely a weakness in our genetic makeup.

I think your topic list is pretty accurate. I know it seems unfair being scorned as a "creeper" on teams exclusively designated for women. I am personally terrible at giving advice or commiserating on some topics posted by women. Women, on the hand, seem to be able to deal with our topics better than we deal with theirs.

I am a buffoon, and I know it. The last thing I want is to join a women's team and have them confirm I am an idiot!

Thanks, Bruce

ETCHILDE Posts: 347
12/4/09 10:26 P

So, just to be clear about something...I don't think segregation is EVER acceptable. Just seems like too many people are offended by the idea of letting outsiders into their little circle of friends.

Best Wishes,

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12/4/09 10:16 A


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12/4/09 8:48 A

To answer the question "When is segregation acceptable?"

When in the bathroom.

ETCHILDE Posts: 347
12/3/09 9:29 P

Ahh-hahahahaha. This one of the best posts I've read. Funny thing also, when I was in grad school, I noticed that there were exclusively african-american groups. There was even one called the Circle of Sistas (bet you can't guess who was in that group). Anyway, I checked and for there to be ANY kind of group formed and sanctioned by the university, they must receive ANY and ALL people who wish to join. Now, I'm curious...if I joined the Africaans group, do you think I would feel welcomed?

One step further (this is where I usually get into trouble), what if I started the "All Male Geek Club". I probably wouldn't make the 'outsiders' feel very welcome either.

So, the question of the day is...When is segregation acceptable???


JOSOP2009 Posts: 1,273
12/3/09 8:50 P

You said it brother!

12/2/09 10:18 P

Good chuckle, Joe. Sorry, I should probably say giggle. LOL!


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12/1/09 8:12 A

Disclaimer: Before you hit that "Inappropiate Button" know that this is a saterical thread in nature and no harm is meant toward anyone.

"A place just for guys! Hang out, ask questions, and find support."

It's just below the forum titled:
The Guy's Lounge

I LOVE talking to women, always have, in fact I have gotten myself in trouble these last 2-3 years for doing so. And I personally don't mind women checking in this forum to see what we're "Up To". It's natural for women to want to know what we're plotting,,,...I mean talking about. We really only talk about a very limited amount of topics like:
~Hott Women
~Hott Women with Big Boobs
um,....where was I?
Oh, yeah, and S3X!

That's a long list of topics to discuss so if a woman pops her inquiring head here on these forums then WELCOME but we're not really talking about anything too interesting.

For the record: I HAVE, on purpose, join "All Women" teams and have been SCORNED!!!! For being a 'creeper'.

It all seems fair and equal to me.


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