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I am day 4 of a master cleanse and I feel great. My knee pain and my ankle pain have mysteriously disappeared. Everyone has their own opinion any everyone's opinion is valid for them only. I drink a gallon of lemon water a day, and for lunch or dinner I drink about 16 ounces of soup. I feel good. Plan to keep this up for about 4 more days and then I will transition into smoothies for a week or a couple of days and then into 80/20 of raw foods and will stay there until I feel like it. I take no supplements except for chlorophyll every now and then and sometimes ACV.

2/20/14 1:19 P

The person teaching your classes shared a somewhat inaccurate (and confusing) definition of cleansing the body. Think about the organs in the body that keep it clean: circulatory/blood, kidneys, intestines, liver, etc.

Food actually has products that need to be removed from the body to keep it clean. That is what your kidneys do---makes urine to get rid of waste after that body has used the parts of the food that are needed.

The fiber is the part of food that can't be digested and used (fiber in fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, etc). This helps keep your body clean too.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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Thank you all for the feedback!

To clarify, it wasn't a nutritionist I was seeing, just one who was teaching a class at the college here, and she said to do it just by incorporating some specific foods into one's diet, not by doing one of the kits or liquid-only things. I eat pretty well (when I'm not splurging over holidays, apparently) so I wasn't too concerned about it, and then this video by 'the people's chemist' started circulating on facebook about how to do a cleanse just by taking certain supplements once a month in addition to a healthy diet, and a lot of the people (meaning, friends I actually know) passing the video around were singing it's praise, so my interest was piqued.

I'm happy to hear that it's not something everyone does and I just haven't caught onto it yet, haha.

Thanks again!

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2/20/14 9:40 A

I think I have a different view of "cleanses" and "detoxes". To me a proper detox is appropriate for someone with a junk-y diet and Ito me that means just switching to a whole foods way of eating with lots of clean unprocessed foods. For a lot of people it can be miserable making the change for the first few days. I don't think most of us realize how attached to are to our favorite processed foods.

For example I became very attached (again!) to eating sugar over the holidays and I had to do a cleanse of sorts to get me back on track---and it was just stopping the madness of feeling addicted to sugar by substituting fresh fruit instead. And that was pretty rough for a few days! LOL!

I work at a health food store and we sell those kits and it's always distressing to me that people think that's the answer. I've even had people say that they don't want to change the way they eat (when I suggest it)' they just want to do the "cleanse", take the pills in the box and they think that'll solve their problem, and I'm never surprised when they come in a couple of months later. --sigh--

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2/19/14 6:55 P

"The only "consensus" I've EVER seen that a cleanse is necessary to properly absorb nutrients, has come from companies hawking drinks, supplements, etc for said cleanses."

^^ THIS.

I consider them all to be a rip-off, a marketing of hopes-and-dreams.

I also strongly agree with whoever below said they would run the other way from any purported "nutritionist" that was pushing these things.

2/19/14 5:48 P

It's unnecessary to do something artificial to cleanse your body, unless you're a heroin addict or an acute alcoholic or something like that where medical supervision is necessary. If human beings needed to buy "cleanses" to be healthy, we would have died out millennia ago. It's potentially dangerous and it's unnecessary. Just eat good food and drink your liquids.

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2/19/14 4:58 P

The only "consensus" I've EVER seen that a cleanse is necessary to properly absorb nutrients, has come from companies hawking drinks, supplements, etc for said cleanses.

If you google it (and I used cleanse will allow you to absorb nutrients) you get a ton of crap (pun somewhat intended), mostly from the above-mentioned companies. Here and there will be an actual informational article with quotes from a physician affiliated with a major hospital. Who will invariably say a cleanse is unnecessary; you have organs and an immune system for that.

imo (and this is just my opinion) the reason people "feel amazing" on a cleanse, is because they are consuming so few calories that they are lightheaded and their brains are not functioning properly.

If your diet has consisted of a lot of packaged food, drive-thru supersize meals, and a ton of junk.... with loads of sweets and a bunch of alcoholic beverages thrown in there, on the weekend.... just eat real whole food and drink water. Your body will take care of what needs to be done, with the nutrients.

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Nurtitionists aren't licensed by any regulatory authority. Registered dieticians are required to be licensed to practice in a state. Take any advice you get from a "nutritionist" to an RD and see what they say.

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Nope, there is no biological need to do a cleanse. Your body has organs, like your liver and kidneys, that handle waste disposal just fine. Of course eating healthy, whole foods with a proper balance of nutrients helps your body run better.

The only time you should do a "cleanse" would be to prepare for a colonoscapy. And that's medically supervised.

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2/19/14 3:15 P

I don't think I understand the concept of cleanser.

Does food get stuck to people on the inside (like in their organs or cells), and it needs to be flushed out? Wouldn't a lot of water cleanse someone? Maybe a little water and lemon?

I always heard that the best thing to do for one's body was to ditch the crap, eat plenty of veggies, a little fruit, and a lot of water.

Lol, channel surfing..Dr. OZ talking about coffee enema's for cleansing. No. Freaking. Way.
Again, reinforces why I cannot stand that man...

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2/19/14 3:08 P

I have and I would run far and fast from any nutritionist that said they were ok. Not that I ever take the advice of a nutritionist to begin with.

Cleanses are bad news, signed a former cleanser.

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2/19/14 1:40 P

I've done the Master Cleanse, which is rough, but makes you feel pretty good once you hit day 3... I'm gearing up to do a 7-10 day round of it, because I've been feeling crappy.

Another "cleanse" I do is a week-long diet of nothing but fresh fruits and veggies. I try to eat everything raw, although I inevitably eat something that's been cooked. Again, it just helps me feel a bit better. i think dairy and white carbs tend to make me feel a bit sluggish, overall, so abstaining from them feels like a "reset" for my body.

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2/19/14 1:27 P

I dismiss many "cleanse kits" as just extremely unhealthy fad diets, but then I heard from a nutritionist that an appropriate cleanse will allow your body to absorb nutrients better afterwards. This intrigued me, and while I know certain foods have naturally cleansing properties (e.g., seaweed), the internet has so many opposing views about cleanses it was hard to get a read on whether ANY type of cleanse is healthy. I was curious if others had tried doing a cleanse of any sort, and if they felt better afterwards. I

I'm not hoping to lose weight, just improve my body's absorption of nutrients. If I can do this just be integrating more cleansing foods into my diet, that's all the better, but if there seems to be a consensus that a 2-3 day intensive cleanse is extremely beneficial, I'll explore it.

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