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3/3/13 1:30 P

Thank you so much to all for all the great advice and support. I just got back from the gym and while it was hard, I feel that if I stick with it I will succeed. I am so excited for this. Thanks again!!!

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3/3/13 1:16 P

Plenty of time to train! Go to it!

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3/3/13 1:08 P

Yes, you have time! I trained for a 5k in that amount of time previously. I did well too for my first time. I didn't do the C25K though. I just did my own thing. Good luck to you! emoticon

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3/3/13 11:48 A

I definitely think you have enough time to train for a 5K (and I find that if we tell ourselves we *don't* have enough time, then we'll NEVER sign up!). :)

3/3/13 11:42 A

C25K program rocks! If you find some of the runs too easy just stick with it. Pushing too hard too fast can derail your program so its important to follow a schedule (IME).

I too can't wait for winter to be over so that we can run outside. I'm in MA, and its in the mid-40s now, which technically is fine for running but some people's sidewalks still have 2 feet of snow and I don't want to run in the street.

Good luck on your 5k - I want to find one to train for too now! emoticon

3/3/13 10:50 A

When I originally did the c25k I did it on a treadmill but now I don't have one anymore, it took a while to talk myself into getting back into it. That's why I stopped running to begin with, I was a treadmill runner.

With that being said I find running on the treadmill and outside different so far. I'm actually finding it easier so far than I remember and more enjoyable. With the treadmill it seems like you're going no where and I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something running outside and being able to use all my senses is great.

Just wanted to throw that out there. I think it would be a good thing to experience both.

3/3/13 10:30 A

Thank you so much, I think for the month of March I will stick to the treadmill, its Iowa and I'm a huge cold weather sissy. :) Then in April I could start running outside. Whatda think??

3/3/13 10:23 A

Start a c25k program. It's 8 weeks and it's a couch to 5k. Since you have running experience it should be easier. I am finding since I have prior running experience even though I haven't ran in a while I am able to keep up easily. I do my 3rd week 3 run tomorrow then I would start week 4 Wednesday (I started in the middle of the week obviously).

I haven't ran in a year and I am able to run 5 or more minutes after it says to stop (I continue to push myself, usually I stop because I have to get ready for work since I run in the mornings and I am limited on time).

I actually run every other day. So sometimes I run 3 days a week, others 4. When I got to my 3rd run on week two I elected to skip to week 3 because I found it extremely easy and I wanted to challenge myself more. I use the c25k program on the ipod because it tells me when to run and when to walk, but you can get a print out here as well.

3/3/13 10:07 A

Ok a little bit of back history. My health journey started July of 2012 and since then I have lost 46 pounds through exercise and healthy eating. I do Zumba 2-3 times a week, and then on the other days I do either an hr of cardio or a Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 dvd. I just found a color run that will take place on May 11th. This is a huge goal for me. I usually run on a treadmill. I know I don't have to run the whole 5k but lets face it, you don't go into a color run to walk. So my question is, is 2 months enough time to train for a 5k?? I really want this but am so scared.

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