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7/10/09 10:17 A

I never thought about the stair climber. I fell in love with the elliptical when I realized how fast it burned calories. Let me know how the stair climber is and I may make my way over to it!

Congratulations on 1 lb gone FOREVER!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
7/10/09 7:39 A

WID- Well all in all not bad, down 1 lbs. So I will take it. (Just have to get past the fact that is is not going to come off like it did when I first started this journey.)

So today is Friday. YIPEEE! There has been a week long shut down in the plant and being that I am a Prodcution Clerk, it is been a really slow boring week. So I am looking forward to things getting back to normal next week.

I think tomorrow at the gym I am going to try and use the stair climber and jus see what happens. If I really want to walk up the Statue of Liberty, (perhaps next summer at SRD) I need to start working on that one. 354 stairs x 2 is a lot of stairs.

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7/9/09 9:36 P

Great plan. Let us know how the weigh in goes. Walking really gets it done. I worked with a woman who was on WW and did the points program and walking and she lost about 60 or so #s is what seems like NO time. My god-mother has also lost a lot of weight with WW but she's not very active so it's coming off pretty slow for her. Good luck at WI!!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
7/9/09 3:10 P

Ok Lady so keep calling me old! Yeah alot of my freinds do that too. I just don't feel like I am almost 50, don't really know what that is suppose to feel like realy. My MIL we be 87 next week, now that is old.
So tomorrow is WID! Well actually tonight at my TOPS meeting so we will see how that goes. Cherly14062 and I are going to do a mile walk after the meeting as well so I will really not have down day for exercise today, but hey that is good.

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7/8/09 6:43 P

A good year huh.. I wasn't even born!!!! Keep working hard, those miles will be done before you know it!!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
7/8/09 8:47 A

YES we can!

Ok so another day begins. So far this week as been about recovery. Recovery from a long weekend. I did not do terrible, but could have been better. But life is about enjoyment as well as right choices. So I had some Mexican food and some ice cream, the world did not explode. So now I move on from here. I have managed to get the scale to go back to where it was on Friday, so only a temporary set back. Probably means no loss for this week but hey that is ok. (as previously stated the world will not explode).
Miles done 18
miles to go 81 (hey that was a good year)

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7/6/09 9:28 P

When you put on all those clothes that have been in the back of your closet, it makes everything worth it!!!!! Keep working hard! We CAN and we WILL!

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7/6/09 12:22 P

ok well another weekend is done. Didn't do too bad considering it was a 3 day afair. I did get the gym on Friday, even without having to go to work.

So time to get serious again. I went shoping, in my own closet and found lots of size 18 that I can now wear, so something is working again! FINALLY!.
Miles done 15
miles to go 85.

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7/3/09 10:10 P


ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
7/2/09 8:44 A

Thanks. The measurements were good down 8" overall in just one month of working really hard. So I hope the scale is as kind. but if not oh well I feel great so that counts for a lot.

Rainy and dreary here again today, but they say the 4th will be really nice. Hope so need to cut the grass and start cleaning the barn.

Have a great 4th everybody

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7/2/09 8:27 A

Hope the measurements and weigh in are great for you this week!!

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7/1/09 7:58 A

Thanks! I have it now so I am going to run with it. Don't know how long it will last.

Well today I yelled myself out of bed to go work out. Man that 4:45 alarm was just too early for a raining day. What is up with this weather. I mean it is July already ENOUGH! Ok so reminded me of this when it does warm up in August maybe!
So I am going to do measurements this afternoon and just see what is up. I expect some lose I mean I can wear clothes now that I couldn't a month ago. ok so a loss of 8" so far. YIPEE. Now if the scale would move 1/2 that I would be jumping for joy (hey doesn't that burn more calories.

Actually looking forward to WID on Friday. So all in all good day.

10 miles done
90 to go.

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MEME2YA Posts: 180
6/30/09 11:19 A

emoticon I like your determination this morning!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/30/09 9:48 A

ok today is rainy and yucky and every joint in my body hurts. But enought of that crap. So I still managed to pull my butt out of bed this morning and get to the gym. I have forgotten how nice it feels to get the exercise in the morning. I think Iwill stick with this.
Miles done 8
miles to go 92.

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6/30/09 9:18 A

That's right... keep going in the right direction!!!!! Great job!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/29/09 8:37 A

Well here we go again, It is MONDAY! Are we all happy today! So far so good, Did really well over the weekend which is very unsuall for me. I was over on cal. yesterday but not bad. so now I start back hard again.
miles 6 done
to go 494.
Progress is slow but at least it is going the right direction

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/27/09 9:48 A

Thanks! I really needed that. Like you said being a strong women has made the scale higher thatn I would like. I am short only 5'2" but I can leg lift over 350 lbs. I am a farm girl. been throwing bales of hey and 100 lbs for feed around for years so I have muscle. Even my dr. thought the scale was wrong I do not look like I weight what I do. So like you say it is time to just get over the number and move on.
here are the numbers for today.
weight ? not going to do that agai until Friday AM
Miles 4 done
Miles 96 to go.
have a great weekend all.

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6/26/09 3:56 P

The scale is my worst enemy. Being a bigger girl to begin with I slowly had to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't the 'number' that mattered as much as what I saw in the tape measurements. Muscle weighs more than fat if you have been working hard you probably have gained a bit of muscle over the fat that you had. This may cause that shift in weight.

I try to stay away from the scale until I start actually doing my weightloss journey TODAY. Today I must look at that number and realize where I need to go from there. Sure it will be daunting and yes it may bring me down but I'll fight that scale by going out and doing my work out.

Try to weigh yourself once a week. It's far more rewarding to see holy moly I lost 5 lbs this week instead of oh only 1lb this week. etc

I think you are a very dedicated individual. I'm hoping to get to 5 miles by november so lol you'll out run my behind any day with that 100 mile goal. Which is SOOO achievable!

Keep running keep dieting and most of all keep loving you!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/26/09 1:40 P

ok so today I have decided to start tracking miles walkes, jogged, elipitcal and arch trainer. I have a goal of 100 miles by Sept. 1. And hopefully anohter 15 lbs gone.
so wt 249.8 (have not updated the ticker in a awhile.
Miles today - 1
left to go - 499

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ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/25/09 11:34 A

yup that is the plan.

And on the up side I put on a shirt today that I have not been able to button in a very long time and guess what it goes around and buttons, still a little tight but with a tank under it, it looks good!!! emoticon
So I guess there is hope for me after all.

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6/25/09 9:41 A

Keep working hard Romney!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/24/09 12:58 P

Not much today. same struggles. But I am going to keep doing what I know is right and if the weight never comes off oh well I will be the healthest fat person I know.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/22/09 3:52 P

Thank folks, pretty much what I have decided to do. and see what happens.

6/22/09 3:33 P

That's right, throw out the scale. I do what you do and it really doesen't bother me that it fluctuates but I just keep on keeping on and I continue to keep it moving. If you are eating within you ranges and drinking your water and eating good calories along with working out you will win in the end. Re-evaluate what you are doing and be honest with yourself, is there anything you can change?

MAWKIDS Posts: 77
6/22/09 3:08 P

THROW your scale away for 6 months. Go by how your clothes feel, how you feel & workout like its your favorite thing to do. You will be amazed when you weigh again later how you look & feel. You can do it!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/22/09 12:44 P

Well this weekend I was actually able to stay on course better than most. Worked out on Saturday and ate well. Sunday well not so good. But it is getting better.

Morning workouts have been really working well. M-W-F-Sa. So I think I will keep up on that. Don't know if Tue eveing will work or not just have to wait and see. If not will just have to get my lazy butt out of bed that day also.

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6/20/09 9:41 A

Sounds like a plan and you're right, as long as you're doing what you should be doing.. the other things are less important.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/18/09 12:48 P

My official WID is Thursday night at my TOPS chapter. I have put the scale at home away I don't even want to look at it. I get so obessed witht he numbers. I really have not even set a loss goal date. i cann't because if I don't met it I just want to give up. So as long as I am doing what I KNOW I need to do I will be happy with that.

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6/18/09 8:46 A

I think I'm slowly realizing that meeting other healthy lifestyle goals are what really count. Try having a regular weigh in time and day. I got excited last week when I saw 248 and now I see 250. That's okay, it's much better than 260 or the 257 that kept looking at me when I started. I'm challenging myself to see 225 by labor day!!

We CAN do this!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/17/09 10:18 A

Ok the scale does not move. But I do feel really good. Buring like 600 cal per gym session. Eating within cal. range. So I guess if the scale never moves I will survive. As long as I feel good I should not care what the stupid number says.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/15/09 7:50 A

I really need to get rid of the scale!!!
I mean 248.5 on Thursday am and 255.5 today 3 days later. I know I eat more on the weekends than during the week but no 7000 calories worth. I did do the weights and cario on Saturday as well. I guess I just need to take a breath an realize that there are ups and downs and that this is not a permant gain just water or something.


ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/12/09 8:52 A

ok well 248.5 this morning, seems to be coming off a little too fast to be true. But then again I have been working my fanny off. (literally I hope).

Meet with Joe last night I can't believe the things he wants me to do. I mean 300 lbs on the leg machines seems like a lot. But then I do it with one leg so I guess I can do it with both. Actually finished all three sets of the shoulder press, now granted it was only 20 lbs. But hey I have to start somewhere.

We try and do a whole 5K over the weekend sometimes just to see if I can. July is getting closer

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/9/09 7:22 A

Day 4 cardio only. Well I did something I never thought I could. 30 minutes on the arch machine. Man my legs were like jelly afterwards. But I DID it.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/4/09 8:04 A

Ok day two of getting my butt kicked. Today was cardio only which was much better. I did 30 minutes on this hill climbing thingy. Felt really good. When I got off my legs felt like lead so I guess that was a good thing.

Scale today 252. Not going to change my ticker for a few weeks just to see if this is correct. Kind of going down a little faster than it should so we will see.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
6/3/09 7:48 A

Ok it has been a month time to get back to what I KNOW works. Get off this pity party wagon and get moving. I was 255 yesterday NOT GOOD.

Now on the bright side I met my "Bob" His name is Joe and he is going to kill me. Man was that a hard workout. But hard is good. I need somebody to kick me in the butt. Was 253 this morning so now I start over again!!!!

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
5/6/09 10:59 A

well I think the drugs are starting to work. I feel so much more like me the last few days. So I think I can get back to doing something positive.

I will get back to the gym this week and start tracking calories again. I do think I like the idea of cycling them. Having a high day one a week but still staying in over the course of that week. Will try this and see what happens.
Starting weight doing this is 249.

Also going to track cal. deficeit and see what happens

BMR 2175 for no exercise
Minue food 1695 today
plus exercise 500
leave a def. of 880 cal. for today

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ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/30/09 1:57 P

Well okay. I have come to some conclusion.

#1. I need to start taking estroven (done)
#2. I need to through away the scale at home
#3. I am only going to weight in once a month.
#4. I am going to keep up with the exercise and eating properly but not be so OCD about it.

So now we will see if this is goig to work or not.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/22/09 1:03 P

Ok I am going off for awhile. Don't know if it will be two weeks or two months or two years. I just NEED to take some time and get my head on straight, before I can do this again. I will still watch what I eat and exercise, BUT I will not get on scale. COME WHAT MAY
emoticon emoticon

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/17/09 10:13 A

Ok the hormones have taken over. I AM THE BLUBBERING IDIOT TODAY.

Don't understand this scale up again. Not alot but 1.4 lbs. I don't get it. Maybe it is the hormones as well.

We refigured our calorie needs at TOPS last night it says I should be eating 2000 to lose? SPARK says 1700 I don't know which to go by? So much confusing? emoticon

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/16/09 3:33 P

Well yesterday's jog was still not very good. I did manage my 3.5 miles but it took way to long and my feet were killing.

On the up side a was standing at the copier today waiting for my report to print and decided to do some squats but I can not believe how much easier they have gotten in just a few weeks. So apparently even though the scale is not moving much something is.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/14/09 2:07 P

ok so yesterday's work out did not go so well. Don't know why but the joints were really bothering me. Maybe the damp weather. But I did try to push through, did 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 mile on the elipitacal and went to the arm weights. So I do feel like I got a good workout. (Burned 350 cal).
Hopefully the work out on Wednesday willbe better.


ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/13/09 1:45 P

ok new week. back to the new attitude. The scale did actually move the right direction this week. YIPPEE.

I think I am going to focus on the jogging/running/walking for a while and forget what the scale says. As long as I can see progess in my exercise from now until I run the 5K in July I WILL be happy.

Ok so each time I get down becuase of the what the scale says, somebody refer me to journal entry for April 13!

PHILLIPS66 Posts: 1,527
4/10/09 10:24 A

Were all her for you..and the best part is we are in the same wt. loss boat you are...keep on keeping on whatever works do it..if it's not working in your life discard it...set your goals high and shoot for the finish can do whatevery your mind says you can do..the body will follow just train your mind to move forward and the body will too...the mind is a powerful tool...we just have to train it like we do our bodies..good luck rico

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/9/09 12:58 P

Thank you. No I will never give up. I may go to my grave still heavy, but a least I know I have done all I can do.

4/7/09 7:26 P

Put the scale up for like a couple of weeks...just make sure you drink a lot of water...if you drink sodas...GIVE THEM UP..even diet me...and stay within your eating guidelines and excersize at least what you have in your fitness guidline or a little more..and it WILL come off....just DON"T ever give up...then you really will feel defeated!!!! You can do it!!!! emoticon

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/7/09 8:11 A

Well the running is improving. 2 miles in 34 flat, total of 3.65 miles in 45 minutes. Just wish the scale were going in the right direction

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/3/09 8:55 A

Well the scale was not kind last night. up 3.8 lbs. I really have not get a clue what is going on.

But be that as it may, this am I put the scale away until next week. No more basing my life on that stupid thing.

I will continue to eat in my calories, and exercise this has got to pay off sometime.

Don't get me wrong I have made a lot of progess over the past 3 years, I guess I need to focus on that. in 2004 I could barely walk a mile and now I can run for almost 3. So i guess I am just a healthy fat person.

ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/2/09 7:32 A

Well last night I ran/walked 2.6 miles in 45 mintues. Did the first 2 miles in 34.23. So why isn't the weight comeing off. I must be the the healthies fat person out there.

Eveybody says be patient it will happen. Well I sure would like to know when!

Well today I did not hurt at all from the run, so I guess that is progress. Not even the toes!!!

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ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
4/1/09 7:57 A

my friend Becky said I should use this to write down what I am eating and why.

Why to many calories yesterdday. I have got to get a handle on these emotions. I cry for no reason and food helps. This is not good. I am slowing killing myself with food.

I don't know why. Could by those damn hormones. I cann't use that as an excuse, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF.


ROMNEY3 Posts: 3,115
3/31/09 3:15 P

Ok I have been reading alot of these journals lately and I guess it is time for me to start mine.

I have been on this weight loss journey since about March 2005. At first the weight came off very easily, but the longer I am at this the harder it has become. Last year 2008 I actually gained back 15 lbs. I have managed to get about 11 lbs of that off so far this year.

I have bben having a very hard time emotionally on this journey lately. I feel like I have been trying so hard for so long without any results. But I know in my head that is wrong. I can now jog 2 miles in 35 mintues (now that is a funny picture). You see fat, top heavy girls can run!

So today I start over! No more feeling sorry for myself. No more getting the scale 3 times a day, and guaging my mood (and eating) by that!

SW 279
CW 244
GW (Way to far to think about now)
\ emoticon

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