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9/5/11 7:32 P

If all you have is an enlarged prostrate - it can be properly controlled. I take two drugs for it - terizosin (which is also a blood pressure med) and another one that actually reduces the size. I've had it now for almost 10 years, so except for the peeing thing (which gets really annoying at night), I kind of learned to live with it. As long as you get your PSA levels checked about every 6 months or so, and they don't rise, an enlarged prostrate does not necessarily become cancerous - and even if it does, there are lots of treatments for it.

BTW, this might be something else - like a urinary tract infection, which can have symptoms very, very similar to an enlarged prostrate. While you can get an elarged prostrate at any age, it usually doesn't happen until a man is well over 40 and into his 50's.

Either way, you need to see a doctor. If it is an enlarged prostrate, he/she can start you on meds that can control it (because without the meds this can get really, really annoying). If it's just a urinary tract infection, a good 30-45 day regimine of Cypro will clean that up.

BTW, I've tried the natural 'cures' (cranberry, selium, etc). At least in my case, none of them help relieve any of my symptoms.

Hope this helps.

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9/1/11 5:16 P

I think I might have it. I wake up a lot at night needing to pee, probably 2-3 times. And all day I got to pee, feeling like I never emptyed it. And now it looks like a weak stream sometimes and it is now a bit harder to go over the past day or two. Maybe I'm just freaking out. I got no insurance until October, but I think I might just need to go to ER as I can't afford anything and ER I get billed. If anyone has had it before, how long did you wait when you got the signs before getting it checked?

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8/31/11 11:28 P

It's part of the unfortunate aspects of getting older - what do you want to know about it?

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8/31/11 11:16 P

Not yet, but it feels like I'm sitting on a golfball if I don't get laid for a week or two!

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8/31/11 7:59 P

Who has had an enlarged prostate? Would love to pick your brain lol.

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