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MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
11/17/08 8:47 A

I'm hanging out with my girls...they are the best friends and soon-to-be sisters I'll ever have. So, if anyone can calm me (other than my fiance), it would be them!

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8/4/08 12:03 P

Ooh, yeah, good idea to let someone else take care of you, Keran! And a whole spa day in Vegas sounds like complete heaven! The more relaxed you are, I think, the better the day will be.

SARAHTERP Posts: 549
7/30/08 9:27 P

My best friend is flying to Vegas with me, we are having a spa day the day of my wedding.

KERANTHOMPSON SparkPoints: (0)
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7/30/08 5:11 P

I'll let my little sister, who is also my maid of honour to take care of me on my big day. She'll know what to do to keep everyone away from me. That's why I choose her she's a pit bull and I love her

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7/30/08 4:18 P

Oooooooo, that sounds like a great way to spend the morning of the wedding! My daughter is 5, so I couldn't just abandon her for the whole morning, but we spent a very calming morning doing girly stuff like that. I took a really long shower while she watched TV, and then we did makeup and undies and hair and all that stuff. Took muuuuuch longer than on a normal day, but that's all right. We had fun.

It's important to remember to eat, though, and if you have a young kid in your wedding party, make sure someone has snacks for him/her! (We forgot the snacks and DD ended up eating a Dove bar and a Snickers bar, both fed to her by other people so she wouldn't mess up her dress.)

ELINTY2002 Posts: 442
7/30/08 4:05 P

The morning of the wedding I went to a spa and had a full service spa treatment ( manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, body wrap, hair and makeup) by the time all that was done my nerves were calm

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7/29/08 8:41 P

I got two pieces of really good advice, both of which I used on my wedding day and they made things a whole lot better.

1. "Sit back and enjoy yourself!" was what one friend said. And she was so right. The times when I just let myself take it all in and focus on my new husband were the times that made the whole thing worthwhile.

2. Another dear friend said, "If you're happy, everyone will have a good time. If you're stressed and miserable because someone's boutonnière is crooked, everyone else will have a horrible time too!"

So I took the time to enjoy my wedding, and I got myself calm and grounded and happy well before the big day came.

Oh, and....

3. Three days before the wedding, I was a stressed-out basket case. My husband-to-be called our minister and close friend. Our minister made some calls, and then called me. "You have a non-negotiable massage at 3pm today," she said.

Ahhhh. That's some good people, and some good medicine!!!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
7/29/08 7:35 P

idk i havent thought that far yet

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7/29/08 6:35 P

So what are you going to do to enjoy your big day?

Or if you're already married, what did you do to really have a good time?

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