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We should be able to do this all the time with practise.. I have seen a guy on use a rubberband around his waist, body builders using a back support belt use the wide side around their stomach to make them aware if their stomach posture is slouching..

We should be able to pull our stomach muscles in and keep breathing.. It will take cms off the waist training our corset muscles to do their job keeping our gut from looking bloated..
taken me years to learn this trick outside the gym, photos are the best way to notice when I don't do it.. Getting access skin removed also make it easier to see if I was engaging muscle correctly..
my son also opened his eyes to training..
his dad couldn't train because of the dialysis tube in his stomach- he had it on his neck for ages but for some reason it never functioned well there- type 1 diabetes made him doing exercise exhausting and in this photo he wasn't allowed to lift his own children for a year because of wild growing blood vessels bursting in his eye... And his tummy bloated between diaylsis sections- that happens when you can pee anymore because kidney function dies..
if people want to keep a body that rocks- I encouraged my son to train- whether he continues is up to himself but if he ever stopping looking awesome I will print these photo's out to hammer how good he can look naturally with good corset muscles..

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Does anyone notice a big difference when they engage their abs versus when not? If I clench my abs, I have a 27" waist, unclenched is around 31". Any thoughts?

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