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PEAPUFN Posts: 557
8/19/09 6:09 P

We were scheduled to have Engagement Photo's taken last weekend, and the lady NEVER showed up! We were so bummed!

PEAPUFN Posts: 557
7/20/09 5:23 P

Our engagement photo shoot is scheduled for Aug 15. I am so excited. The photographer is coming to our country home and we want some fun photo's of us - just being us! Since we already each have kids, we want to get a few with them in them too. Yea!

ECUPMCB Posts: 134
7/4/09 9:31 A

We are going to get engagement pics done in the fall, once I am a little closer to my goal weight. But your posts make a good point. I will do some test shots in whatever outfit I'm thinking of wearing with my own camera!

NOMOREPHAT910 Posts: 36
7/4/09 12:25 A

We got our engagement pictures done at Sears about 2 months after we got engaged and we kind of did it on a whim. A few of them were okay, but for the post part I hated them. However we got a free Canvas Art done using two of the shots and putting them on a 12" square frame and that turned out pretty well. I think as our wedding gets closer we are planning on going to Portrait Innovations to get some semi professional pictures done because we are saving money by not having professional pictures at the wedding. We are getting the disposable cameras for our guests to take the pictures for us and we are having a video made of the ceremony.

ARMIGRRL Posts: 618
7/3/09 8:45 P

Its been a year and I still haven't gotten engagement pictures! I thought that it was a big chunk of money to spend on something other then the wedding itself, but after seeing how beautiful they are I think I might book an hour :)

ONEWOMANUSO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,063)
Posts: 78
6/4/09 6:20 P

I loved our pics! Matter of fact one of them is uploaded to my Spark page! We went with black and white and very few colored just because I like the contemporary style. They turned out wonderful though! You should definitely get them done, and since it's summer go for out doors! Best of luck!

SPECKJOY Posts: 171
6/4/09 8:38 A

You know, if you can find a pretty or unique location (beach, mountains, park, old church, grassy backyard, old town square, etc), a digital camera, and a friend willing to take pictures for an hour - you'd be surprised how great your pictures could turn out even without a professional photographer. I have some friends who went out to an old abandoned railroad car and got most of their pictures done there - looked SO cool! Just a thought...

TIGERTAIL0 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,639)
Posts: 320
6/3/09 4:14 P

We haven't taken ours yet, but JCPenney has offered a free one. Looks like that's the only way we'll be able to afford one. The wedding isn't until October, so I think we have a little bit of time.

SPECKJOY Posts: 171
6/3/09 12:30 P

We got ours taken about a month after we got engaged and 5 months before the wedding since we wanted them taken at the beach and didn't want to be miserably hot when getting the photos done. It was just me, my fiance and my sister on the beach in March. At first the pictures were awkward because while my sister is a talented photographer - she's not a professional and we weren't really sure quite what poses to do and etc. But after like 20 minutes, my fiance and I quit worrying about posing and just started playing and spending time together. Those are my FAVORITE pictures from our engagement set! When I put our pictures up on Facebook all my friends wanted to know who my photographer was and how much s/he charged. It was great! I've always loved our engagement photos even though my hair frizzed up halfway through the day (it may have been March, but it was still the beach in Alabama - the humidity will still strike! lol!).

As for using them - like I said, I put 120 of the 600 on Facebook for everyone to "ooh" and "ahh" over. I also incorporated many of them into photo albums for the wedding reception. But one of my favorite things was our wedding invitation!

But always remember - this is your big day! You get to do things your way!

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
6/2/09 10:48 P

I did mine pretty quickly after the engagement...but only because he proposed at the end of September and it usually snows by then here--and I HATE snow, so I didn't want snow pictures.

I did not send them out to everyone per se, but I did include them as part of our "save the date" magnet that I made.

Some people do them really close to the wedding though. And some people don't do them at all.

LEXEY626 Posts: 111
6/2/09 10:23 P

So I just got engaged in early May, and I am freaking out about how many things I have to plan for. When are you supposed to do engagement pictures? Are you supposed to send them out to everyone as well? Please let me know!

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
5/26/09 7:42 P

Great attitude! Although mine weren't perfect there were a few good shots--and I LOVE them!

BLISS_IN_TIME Posts: 698
5/26/09 7:32 P

We still have to get ours taken. We weren't going to, but our photographer offered it for free (she can use them on her website) so we are doing them closer tothe wedding.

Our wedding is on July 18 and our engagement photos will be taken on June 7. I'm excited, really. We don't need anymore pictures together (we have a ton already because of all the stuff we do with friends and family who love pictures), so I'm taking a light-hearted approach to it.

If they are awesome-tastic, wonderful! If not, well, it was fun anyway. And, I'm sure we'll look back when we're in our 80s at how great we looked - in time, all those silly worries over our weight/bodies/hair/clothes mean nothing. Just having those moments is important. =)

5/20/09 11:08 A

I hated ours too. It was unbearably cold out and our photographer wanted us to trudge through the snow so he could get "scenic" pictures. I was wearing flats with no socks and we had to climb trees and be all over the place. It was terrible. Only a few of the pictures turned out decent, and I'm pretty sure he didn't edit anything. My face is red (from freezing) in all the pictures and my fiance looks washed out. I'm not using him for the wedding pictures. ;-)

RIVERLESS Posts: 878
5/15/09 12:34 P

I hated my engagement pictures too. The outfit I wore was apparently too big (it was very baggy) and not very flattering. We look awkward in all of our pictures since she wanted everything to be artsy and all of that. It was unnatural for us!

5/14/09 10:02 P

Don't worry... I was completely hunched over in half of mine. I look like Quasimodo. But I had a a good chunk that were cute!

As for the weight loss - I hope I look back on my engagement photos one day and laugh at how ridiculous I looked. :)

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
5/14/09 3:37 P

I felt that way too...which is what motivated me to get back on track. I probably won't be exactly where I want to be...but I am not going to give up either!

ARIESANGEL41 Posts: 1,067
5/14/09 9:11 A

OMG I hate most of them. The dress I wore was not flattering. I can't believe I thought I looked cute. I look pregnant! One month until my wedding and I apparently have lots more weight to lose :(

Sorry just needed to vent....

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