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4/20/12 12:28 A

Thak you to all who have written recently, I really do apprieciate all the advice, I have been keeping track of everything that I put in my mouth,I seem to do better when I can look & see that I ate what ...... the next 2 weeks is going to be very stressful, Im may qualify for a new drug study to help with my liver decease, my husband is having surgery on April 30,12, he's not happy & Im worried he has so many health problems that surgery isnt good for anyone especially some one his size ( almost 300lbs), I know I dont do well if I have to portion myself so I need to find food that is already portioned for me, Im trying to add more fruits & vegis, & I did get in 3 bottles of water today, that means 3 less diet cokes. Ill keep you posted an my journey.

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4/19/12 10:55 P

Hang in there. stay motivated...focus, don't let anything get in the way towards your goal. keeping track of everything helps. Aim for healthy foods and snacks. Control your portion sizes drink more water to fill you up. It will help trust me. I get so hungry but I go and grab some water and keep drinking until it fills you up but make sure you eat during day a good breakfast maybe a cereal with some milk, a fruit and then a small sandwich for lunch, a cup of soup, and apple. Then a yogurt maybe for snack, lots of water during the day. and a healthy dinner, small piece of meat, some rice and vegetables. Control portion sizes. Hang in there. YOu can do it! Good luck!

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4/19/12 10:40 P

It was a temporary setback. Erase that week and focus on the weeks ahead. I say just make the best food choice of what it available to you at that time. I have fallen more times than I want to, but I always get up and try again. I feel the obstacles are put in place, to allow us to find another way to achieve or goals in the end. emoticon

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4/19/12 8:34 A

Once you REALLY make the decision, you kinda of start doing better, because you know have a goal, it's not only about doing what always do, but watching it, being consient about it it's different...

Take it one step at the time, don't be so hard with yourself, and don't give up.


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4/17/12 2:42 P

Thak you all so much for your kind words of encouragement, I was feeling knocked down a bit, bt now Im sort of back on track, I didnt get a chance to excersise yesterday so I did it them this morning. I know Im always going to struggle I love eating just too much, but it's a jpurney that I must take.

CELLO23 Posts: 1,260
4/17/12 4:49 A

emoticon You've got the right attitude! Feel knocked down, then get up and start again. It's what we all do, and why we need Sparklies around to cheer us on! The doctor has a year-old perspective but you know where you are right now, which is doing exercises, losing 4lbs and starting to feel some benefits. Keep on course!!
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4/16/12 2:41 P

You didn't fail, you're still here.

The scale does that. Sometimes it won't budge for quite some time, then it drops several pounds in a week. Oft times when you least expect it. That's the evil side of the scale!

I would say celebrate the weight loss! Take what you've learned in the last 2 weeks, and use it to keep going. That's the real success.

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4/16/12 1:00 P

Don't let a bad weekend or week or day or hour get you down. THis is a process. It takes quite a while to develop a new habit. Scheduling exercise is a good idea. I hate breaking an appointment I have on my calendar. I don't use the excuse that "life got in the way" because my exercise and eating healthy are part of that same life. If i have to go to bed 12 minutes later than I want to get my exercise in so be it.
I wish I could say I stopped looking at the scale. I weigh myself every two weeks as I don't want to get stuck on a number. I don't track here because it is too difficult and time consuming to keep adding recipes for myself. My smoothies change daily. I don't measure what I put in them. Sometimes its two cups of spinach, sometimes a cup. Sometimes i use protein powder and sometimes I don't. sometimes its a handful of strawberries, etc. you get the idea. My food is even more difficult because it is mostly veggies and very little meat is any.
I ate crap this weekend too. A couple i served communion with at church was baptizing their twin angels (abby and Katie). the food choices were not what I had eaten on the past year, but it was all that was there. I suffered greatly that night and all yesterday i was really feeling yucky. I added an extra green helping in my smoothie this morning and feel a lot better.

I start over more often that i can count, but I also use it as a reaffirmation of who I am.

My doctor said the same thing, but then was flabbergasted that my cholesterol went down 30 points, my hdl went up, my triglycerides were way down, my vitamin D spiked and my blood sugar was down.

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4/16/12 12:35 P

So I just started this journey on April 1st, I weighed 280 lbs, it was tuff the first week & I failed , then I had a super busy weekend with family from out of town, Disneyland, eating out, I weigh my self every monday morning so 4-1-12 280 lbs, 4-9-12 279.8 lbs so today as I reluctantly stepped on the scale 4-16-12 what to my surprise it said 276 lbs, now I have no idea how I did that since I'm struggling with my food habits , didn't get to do my exercises in over a week & I ate all the crap I said I was giving up, yet I'm still kinda down in the dumps even with the loss of 4 lbs, part of me doesn't want to believe it & the other part well it's a very evil side that I don't let out much. I went to my Doctor who I see once a year & he just had to mention that "you've gained 10 lbs since I saw you last year ", wow really I really needed to hear that, that just made my frickin day...... actually he's a really cool Doctor & I've been seeing him for about 5 years so I know he only tells me because hell lady YOU GAINED 10 LBS in A YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!, So because I failed so totally last week & didn't biog, do any of my trackers didn't even log on, I figure today is a new day & I MUST START OVER.... so I tracked my weight , tracked my measurements ( hadn't done it when I first joined), I'll keep track of my food & I WILL DO MY EXCERSISES TODAY , why because it's scheduled.... it is a new day & I must embrace it !

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