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7/17/13 7:30 A

Try roasting cooked chick peas and sprinkling with seasonings. Crunchy healthy snack.
Good for you for fighting the battle while dealing with depression. It is not easy. On a side note often we crave the foods we are intolerant/allergic to. I used to crave wheat. I would eat and eat lots of bread and never be satisfied. Allergy elimination took care of that problem. Now I can eat or not eat bread as I choose. There is no longer any compulsion to eat it.

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7/17/13 6:11 A

Since you stated getting started is hard it may help to have a structured plan for food and ways to cope with the emotional part. Sometimes when feeling sad or stressed it is easy to grab food without really thinking and if you have a meal plan set out it can help you keep accountable. Also the list of ways to cope in a healthy manner. Feel better

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7/16/13 11:33 A

Thanks for all the great tips! I know recording what I eat is always a great start, I've done it before and it makes you more accountable. I also like the chips suggestion with the different veggies and dip. I know things will improve once I get started, and when I exercise more. Getting started is the hardest part sometimes.

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7/16/13 10:16 A

Obviously your first step is to get assistance with the depression, but to answer your question as best as I can:

Choose crunchy things like veggie sticks with hummus or some sort of dip (if you need the dip thing).

Make "chips" with vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes, kale and the like and have on hand (or make as needed)

Some people choose popcorn with or without spices shaken on top (mix it up - you'll be able to change it all the time)

A thinly sliced apple with a bit of cinnamon is a great thing to snack on, as well.

Best wishes on your journey to health

MIRV22 Posts: 643
7/16/13 8:41 A

I'm your stereotypical emotional eater and have always turned to food to relieve stress, sadness, name it. I still am that way, but I'm working on it. However, I'm working on it through self-reflection and meditation so I feel more in tune with myself and my feelings to help me understand why I'm feeling that way. That isn't for everyone, but it has been helpful. The other BIG thing for me is to exercise, which helps to keep my emotions and stress from getting out of control and hence keeps me from turning to food for comfort.

I realize that none of us have answered your question with what you are looking for, but in the end, using substitute "fake" junk foods aren't going to help you in the long run. Consider reading "It starts with food." while you may not want to follow all of their guidelines of what to eat, it give you a really good sense of how food affects you and how strong our relationship to food is and how it can control us.

Good luck, I know dealing with depression isn't easy. I've been there, so feel free to message me if you need to talk.

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7/16/13 7:53 A

Replacing food with "fake junk food" in order to cope with your depression is definitely not the answer. In addition to having a treatment plan in order for depression, you need to find a healthy form of comfort that is NOT food related. Ask yourself; do you honestly feel better after you've eaten your feelings? Or just during the moment of indulgence?

I tend to be an emotional eater, I think everyone can be from time to time. I certainly don't feel any better after I overeat/make poor food choices, I feel worse! I feel guilty and the feelings are still there. You have to have alternative "healthy" and positive way of coping with your feelings;

1. Talk to a friend/family
2. Talk to yourself/talk yourself up- brainstorm solutions to improve whatever situation is making you feel down.
3. Exercise (when you exercise you release endorphins, the feel-good chemical that can greatly improve your mood).
4. Reconnect with nature/the world- take a nature walk, walk at a city park, around your neighbourhood.
5. Soak in a warm bath. (use candles, incense to set a relaxing atmosphere)
6. Give yourself a pedicure/manicure/pamper yourself
7. Engage yourself in your favourite hobby, a craft or a book.
8. Clean the house/run errands/work on a project- I know productivity always makes me feel loads better. Sitting around and being unproductive makes me feel even more depressed. This is one of my main outlets... my husband knows when I start cleaning the house with *intent* to steer clear for a spell, lol. But I always feel loads better after.
9. Eat healthy! I know when I have too much sugar in my diet it gives me similar effects as a hangover from alcohol. I get headaches, feel irritable, tired and depressed. Plus, when you make healthy food choices throughout the day, you'll feel better about how you're treating yourself and your body.
10. Play some music. Whether it's songs that describe how you're feeling (sometimes it's nice to know there are other people going through the same thing as you and when you hear how you're feeling put into words, it's very therapeutic) or motivational/inspirational music.

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7/16/13 6:37 A

I agree it is important to work on why you use food to cope with the depression and to learn healthy non food related ways to cope. Do you journal cause that can help make connections of why you do? Also having other ways to feel better for example call a friend.

7/15/13 12:35 P

How is the treatment plan going with the depression??
You will probably need to get this in good control first and can then focus on the next step of food selection, etc. Talk to your counselor about other forms of comfort to use instead of reaching for food for comfort.

SP Registered Dietitian

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7/15/13 12:23 P

I suffer from depression and tend to do a lot of emotional eating. What are some good "fake" junk foods, so I can feel like I am indulging and getting that carb/sugar craving without blowing the calories??

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